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My name is Carol anne.  I am part of a did system. Did stands for dissociative identity disorder.  I also have PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder. I was diagnosed with did in December 2010.
I have been blind since birth. I am 35 years old.
This is a blog about my life, it will mainly focus on therapy and the process of going through psychotherapy, but I will also post some stuff about my life.
I am in college studying IT.  It has its challenges but overall I love it.
You can feel free to contact me or find me on social media.
Thanks for reading.

191 thoughts on “More about me”

  1. You definitely have a lot going on. I suffer from Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. Some days I feel like I’m crazy and losing my mind while other days I just feel like someone with some issues. Your DID diagnosis…may I ask how that came about?

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      1. I’m so sorry. I have worked with the younger kids with PTSD and other emotional disturbances typically due to abuse and I know it has a lasting effect. I know it is easy to say “stay strong” and other things like that but one thing I will say is that if you are here writing this now you are definitely stronger than anyone who hurt you!~

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  2. God only gives us trials He knows we can handle, through Him. YOU are a very strong person in His eyes, an example for all of us who struggle with small issues, God’s purpose for you is to be the example for all of us. We look at you and our issues in life seem to be an anthill compared to the mountain you climb daily.
    May God continue to bless you in 2021 with His grace.

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  3. Hi from Roger in New Zealand. I live in Porirua, one of the many coastal cities in New Zealand. There are lots of inlets, hills and walks by the sea. Mostly everyone you meet while walking is friendly which I love. I have a disability that I was born with. Look up “What I live with” on my blog. I am also a runner and in the last couple of years have met a blind lady runner at some of our competition runs. One of the events she does even us sighted people have problems with, I think she is amazing. Don’t let being blind hold you back. Sometimes I struggle with the basic things but I do me best.
    Take care.

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