More about me

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My name is Carol anne.  I am part of a did system. Did stands for dissociative identity disorder.  I also have PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder. I was diagnosed with did in December 2010.
I have been blind since birth. I am 35 years old.
This is a blog about my life, it will mainly focus on therapy and the process of going through psychotherapy, but I will also post some stuff about my life.
I am in college studying IT.  It has its challenges but overall I love it.
You can feel free to contact me or find me on social media.
Thanks for reading.

176 thoughts on “More about me”

  1. You definitely have a lot going on. I suffer from Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. Some days I feel like I’m crazy and losing my mind while other days I just feel like someone with some issues. Your DID diagnosis…may I ask how that came about?

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      1. I’m so sorry. I have worked with the younger kids with PTSD and other emotional disturbances typically due to abuse and I know it has a lasting effect. I know it is easy to say “stay strong” and other things like that but one thing I will say is that if you are here writing this now you are definitely stronger than anyone who hurt you!~

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