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My name is Carol anne.  I am part of a did system. Did stands for dissociative identity disorder.  I also have PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder. I was diagnosed with did in December 2010.
I have been blind since birth. I am 35 years old.
This is a blog about my life, it will mainly focus on therapy and the process of going through psychotherapy, but I will also post some stuff about my life.
I am in college studying IT.  It has its challenges but overall I love it.
You can feel free to contact me or find me on social media.
Thanks for reading.

191 thoughts on “More about me”

      1. Anytime I know from first hand experience how relentless, unforgiving the Roller Coaster is Carol Anne.

        I am learning to cope and evolved from my level of understanding in what I have. How its a night stalker like a thief robbing you from your true self.

        I take it Day by Day when I am able to lay to rest I do because I know what awaits me.

        Peace&Love&Strength&Honour always be with you in your good journey.



      2. Thank you Carol Anne it still a lot to absorb never in million yrs I thought what was going on would be this.

        But you know its okay to say no I’m not fine

        I’m surviving at times its relenting tormenting ride that is so surreal.

        But there is no fucking way I will ever surrender to the Storm I will fight until my last breath.

        I rather fighting through brimstone wrath then bow down and be shattered to my knees in disgrace.

        Thank you for the words of inspiration Carol Ann


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  1. Just wanted to say 🙋
    My name is tilly ,I also have DID,I was diagnosed 8 years ago, i also have ‘complex PTSD & attachment disorder.
    Well done you 😊 its very courageous of you to write such an open & honest blog .
    Take good care of yourself & the others.

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  2. What a pleasure to be here Carol. You have a lovely blog. I am delighted that you are one of the bloggers of the day for the Solidarity Support Forum. I wish you many blessings as we journey together through this challenge.

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  3. Hello. My name is Ginny. I am so pleased to have found your blog. Thank you for writing. I think you are really brave to share your life and your therapy.
    I have Borderline Personality Disorder, with periods of psychosis, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, anxiety and OCD.
    I’m afraid that I don’t know very much at all about dissociative identity disorder. I’m worried I might accidentally say something unhelpful or wrong when I write here in comments because I don’t know a lot about what you’re going through. If I do I’m sorry and please tell me and I’ll try not to do it again!
    I am not diagnosed with an identity disorder. I have periods where I dissociate (this is the word I and my therapists use but it isn’t necessarily the same at all as what you experience and I hope that is not offensive). I lose memory of periods of time and in those periods I can be very cut off, angry and out of control, or impulsive and doing things I would never normally do. I feel like as well as the me that’s what I’m meant to be there’s a very dangerous ‘me’ that’s angry and out of control and paranoid, and a very childish me, screaming and crying and hurting about the abuse and wanting to be cared for. When I was a child I had imaginary people around me who became far too real and in my hallucinations now I have a child with me a lot of the time and I slip away into the imaginary world but it’s no longer voluntary now.
    I didn’t mean to write all that. I’m sorry. Thank you again for sharing your experiences. I’ll enjoy following your blog. I blog too at
    Ginny xxx


    1. hi ginny. it is very nice to meet you. don’t worry, you wont offend me. just be yourself. comment to whatever you feel like commenting to. i’m always happy to have new blog followers. again thank you for commenting. XX


  4. Heya, lady! I followed you for a while and then you moved and I got busy/distracted/crazy, and I lost you! But now I’ve found you again and I’m so glad! (Oh and I’m on a new blog, myself! Come see, please?!) 🙂


  5. At the age of almost 74, I find this interesting. I also think it’s courageous of you to post about this part of your life. We all go through trials and tribulations throughout life. Many of the elderly feel left behind as the world moves faster into the future, yet we have so much to offer. Seeking help is a good thing and being able to vent and not be afraid to inform others what it’s like to suffer from your condition shows you are on the road to taking control. Bless you and others that have posted comments, it proves you are not alone. I will keep all of you in my daily prayers. You sound like a wonderful group of people. Thank you for sharing. ☺☺

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    1. hi. very nice to meet you. i will follow your blog. is it ok if i email you? i thought i’d tell you about the email support group i run for people with did and other dissociative disorders. maybe you’d like to join? I will email you. xxx Carol anne

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      1. Hello, please do 🙂 My blog is called Pieces of the jigsaw… I just set it up yesterday! Heather x


  6. Your blog is awesome. I love it. Plus, I love you very much as one of my blogger friends and appreciate all of your continuous support, kindness, kind words, encouragement and that you read my blog. I appreciate all of you and your many gifts and talents and strength and courage and perseverance and resiliency… You are beyond wonderful, so I nominated you for “The Sunshine Blogger Award.” I hope you will accept and participate, because I would love to learn more about you. Plus, you deserve great praise for your writing and words and kindness and love of life and people and deserve to have many sunny, bright, happy, joyful and blessed days. Love, hugs and many blessings always, Sue. Here is the link to the “The Sunshine Blogger Award” post…

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      1. You are very welcome and you deserve it. You have a great blog and are so inspiring and kind and you are one of the nicest blogging friends on this site. You are always so kind to me and read my blog often and I greatly appreciate it. Have a happy, healthy and fabulous day. Love, hugs and many blessings to you. Sue

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  7. Hi Carol,
    I came across your blog reading other people’s posts on 100 word Wednesday. I think blogging is a great way to express yourself and connect with other blogger who like you enjoy the written word. Best wishes to you in the course you are doing, keep up the blogging, I look forward to reading more of your words.


  8. Hello Carol Anne. I know I have nominated you for awards before, but I just love you. I adore you and am very inspired by you, so I have nominated you for another award, because I appreciate you reading my blog and always commenting to my posts so kindly and giving me encouragement. So… Congratulations! I have nominated you for the “Blogger Appreciation Award.” I selected you for this award because you are amazing and I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts. Your blog is awesome, very insightful, informative, inspirational and very well written. I appreciate you and I appreciate your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wisdom and yourself with all of us. Here is the link to my “Blogger Appreciation Award” post…
    I hope you will be able to participate. There is no need to hurry. Just take your time and finish when and if you have time. Thank you very much. Have a happy, healthy and fabulous day. Hugs, Sue


      1. You are welcome and you deserve the award very much. I am very happy you will participate and I look forward to reading your post on your award. Have a happy, healthy and fabulous day. Much love, Sue


  9. Your perseverance is so inspiring. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will gladly check out yours! God bless you!


  10. Hi Carol Anne, nice to meet you! My name is Laureen. You are so brave. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I am happy, you have such a supportive surrounding and think, they can learn a lot from you too. Who else knows better about whats inside than someone who has been through the struggle of keeping himself from falling apart.

    All the best for you


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