My sisters pug Starlet

My sister took her pug Starlet in to the vet today. She’s been drinking a ton of water. So I told her she probably has diabetes, as that is what Nitro was doing before his diagnosis of diabetes.

I was right.

They ran blood tests and sure enough, she has diabetes.

However the vet was not at all kind to my sister.

He basically blamed her, saying the reason she got diabetes was because of the lifestyle that my sister had given her.

Which is not at all true!

My sister only fed her on kibble, no table food!

Yes she’s fat but we aren’t sure why she got overweight! Probably because she’s a very lazy dog! All she does is sleep!

So now my sister is facing a horrible decision on whether to put her to sleep or keep her alive.

She’s leaning towards putting her to sleep, as she is not able to afford all of the treatment for the diabetes, there is insulin and then numerous vet visits.

And before she goes on the insulin she’ll need a glucose panel work up done, which is 250 euro.

The vet was discouraging her from putting starlet to sleep.

He said she shouldn’t, as it is treatable, but my sister told him she can’t afford the treatment.

Starlet is 10 now, and that is old for a pug.

She’s had a good life.

I told my sister don’t let the vet make up her mind for her. I told her to do what she feels is right for her and for the dog.

She brought starlet to my house for a visit today and I got to pat her and say goodbye, just in case I don’t see her again.

It is just so sad for my sister, starlet is like her baby.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

6 thoughts on “My sisters pug Starlet”

  1. I sympathise. Some vets are only in the profession for the money. We’ve seen it, and the dog/cat still suffers. Weigh things up from all angles and don’t be rushed or pushed into making a decision. Get a second opinion. Are there any dog charities like the UK’s PDSA which could help with vet bills?
    Diabetes is treatable, and pets can live a long life, but it’s the quality of life that matters. I am so sorry for your sister.

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