All that comes out of trumps mouth is a huge pile of drivel!

Do we really care what he thinks says or does?


I certainly don’t! I feel sorry for anyone who actually believes his lies.

He’s a clown! All that comes out of his mouth is drivel!

Rubbish, nonsense, a pile of bullshit!

I’m tired of hearing about his arrest on the news!

I mean if they’d actually put him in jail and let that be the end of it I’d be so happy.

But I highly doubt he’ll be imprisoned!

He’ll probably get off scot free!

And I still am like, he’s running for president again?

On our news they were saying that if he does go to jail, he’ll campaign from his prison cell!

OMG! Really? That is just nuts!

He should be forced to give up his campaign for presidency if he goes to jail!

Who wants a criminal in the white house anyway?

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Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

11 thoughts on “All that comes out of trumps mouth is a huge pile of drivel!”

  1. Fortunately, the majority of Americans don’t want him to be president again. Unfortunately, due to the way that Republicans have engineered things, it often takes a very large majority for anyone but a Republican to win, a simple majority is often not enough. Trump is hated enough by enough people, that he has no chance of being president again. We might be best off if he runs, someone else on the Republican side might have a chance to win.

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    1. Oh good, I hope he doesn’t win I mean I don’t know why he’s running it’s really just so annoying that he keeps thinking he can be president again 🥰🥰


  2. So there are many theories as to WHY. However, as far as HOW, there are only three rules to become prez: be over 35, be a natural citizen, and lived in the country for… 14 (I think) years. Unfortunately, unless they ship him off to an out of country penal colony and bury him out there, there’s no way to stop him from trying to become Prez again.

    My theory as to WHY has a few moving parts.
    1) He wants to feel important and have the power to control the people. He thinks the people are dumb sheep that he can manipulate, and he enjoys that power. Especially because he’s seen it work: people were physically attacking other people because he basically said it was OK, Jan 6th riot, and a bunch of others. He yearns for the power.
    2) If he gets elected again, and they haven’t brought the charges against him for the other indictments that they are threatening, they can’t. None of his current real and theoretical charges (that I know of) would be considered bad enough to be removed from office. As a former president, he can be indicted for any criminal court crime. He can hold it off and not have to face the consequences of his disgrace. He will have successfully avoided them. He’s using the presidency to hide from the fall-out of what he has done.

    I am, however, not upset that he might run again. I’ll be furious if the creature wins, but I’m not mad at it. The way I see it, there are three BIG competitors to his bid for Prez. Liz Cheney, Mike Pence, and Ron DeSantis.

    LC: I support her. Do I agree with her policies? NO! That woman is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, politically, from me. BUT, she doesn’t come off as a self-serving, egotistical monster. She’s just a woman who I disagree with – on nearly everything that comes out of her mouth, except ONE thing: she absolutely and without fail, loathes, despises, and hates the Orange Orangutan (OO). At no point in the history of all points ever, has she ever waivered even slightly from this. Of all of the Conservatives running, I support her as a result. Despite it nearly destroying her political career, she still stood on her soap box screaming about how he was a poison in our country, knowing she could lose everything. She didn’t care. She needed to make the country see.

    MP: No. He’s a wiffle-waffling snake, and an obvious one at that! As the VP, he supported OO, and remained silent through the parts where he should have been kicking up a fuss. Or at least LOOKING like he was. But he wasn’t even bothering. OO had a mob on his side, so stay quiet! The one and only time that MP stood up to OO was when OO wanted him to overturn the election and he refused to destroy democracy in that way. Then OO literally started a riot, then tweeted out (KNOWING that the riot was at the capital) that MP was destroying the American way and will by not overturning the election results, and they wanted to KILL HIM. They were literally trying to get to him and got within 40 feet of him. They had gallows there for him too! Suddenly, MP had NOTHING nice to say about OO. For about thirty-two seconds. The minute he decided he wanted to move up the ladder, he changed his tune to keep the hoarde on his side. Apparently, now it’s ok to smack someone in the face for a joke because it hurt their feelings, AND it’s ok to call for someone to be murdered by a mob because they hurt your feelings. So, it’s a hard no.

    RD: For the love of all that is Holy, JUST NO! He is commonly known as the calmer, slightly more level-headed OO. He’s cut from the same cloth, but he’s not a blathering moron to go with it. So, NO! He’s WAAAAY more dangerous than OO. OO was more of a blend of AdHit and PT Barnum – a monsterous showman. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if you dropped the ridiculous façade of showman??? Everyone watched (both sides of the aisle) everything OO did. We knew how many whoppers the man ate (he couldn’t even do that quietly). Can you imagine if you don’t have the PTB in there? No one but the Proud Boys look. That’s terrifying.

    Now, it’s important to also note that the Republicans do it differently than the Dems. These are all Rep. They basically have to debate each other. The OO is the king of the miscreants; he can fight them, but they all basically cower and whimper in his direction. He will easily flatten MP. MP will come off as a stiff board vs PTB – it will be a fairly easy whooping. I think RD has the ability to go toe-to-toe, but he also is a follower of the OO. There will be a battle, but it’s likely RD will not come out on top. LC on the other hand will hold no punch, will brook no fool, will come out swinging. She is a politician, yes, but it’s clear (to me at least) that she has a show-woman in there. She won’t do what Hilary did, which was play by the old rules. She’ll come out looking to bloody that fool. And she will go for it. If she whoops him, he’s done. He faces the music because he can go no further. He’s out. And he took the fools with him.

    Do I want LC as Prez, no. I don’t agree with a single thing she says. Will I be offended that she becomes Prez? Absolutely not. She knocked OO down a few pegs in her climb to the big time. She deserves the crown if she wins it.

    I am not a political commentator, so there may be much that I am missing, but this is just my opinion of the situation. I am no more saying that I’m right than anyone else – just more right than the people that support the OO and are willing to watch the country tumble to Turd-Soup


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