The garden dawdler April 2nd Edition

Rory poses 9 questions for us to answer. So here goes, my answers!

What do you find yourself splurging on the most?

I splurge on my subscriptions, like audible, Spotify, Netflix, etc..

What is your top writing tip?

Write down all of your ideas in a place where you can access them easily.

Are you a regular recycler, and if so, what are five of your top recycling tips?

Yes, I am a regular recycler. I recycle most things that I can recycle.

Are you someone that wants to be or needs to be heard and seen, or are you content to be found behind the scenes?

I like to be both seen and heard, I guess I like to be noticed.

How approachable do you think you are in real life and away from the keyboard, and do others feel the same way about you?

I think I’m reasonably approachable as long as the person who is approaching me isn’t trying to sell me something or has a hidden agenda. As to whether or not others feel the same way, how the fuck would I know? Ask them.

Do you sit more on the fence or the edge of the knife?

I’m mostly on the fence about some things, but then, I’m on the knife edge about others.

What do you remember the most about your grandparents?

My gramma liked old black and white movies, and she was very kind, my grandpa was a referee he played football, and he was very wise.

How important to you is validation from your readers to your written content – do you need acknowledgement from others to create?

It’s nice to have readers acknowledge my posts and like and comment on them. Do I need such acknowledgment or validation in order to write? No. But it does help keep me motivated.

What is it you would have liked to have been asked about your life but have yet to be?

Nothing. I’m fine with people minding their own business instead of prying into mine.

The Garden Dawdler – Earthly Comforts

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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