10 AM ramble

After I wrote my last blog post I went to bed, and I did sleep for 2 hours.

I was so tired. I only woke up when my doorbell rang and Frances was at the door.

We’ve been doing housework, and now Frances has gone to the store for me.

I needed a few items.

I’m still a little tired, but after some coffee I am feeling more functional.

I canceled work, I just couldn’t face it.

My mood is not the best, my anxiety is high.

I think I might have to take a Xanax later this morning, if it doesn’t calm down.

I can feel a slight headache coming on also.

Just what I need, not!

At least the rain stopped, it is getting sunny now.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “10 AM ramble”

  1. I’d take a milk and Oreo cocktail out onto the porch and rest in the sun. But then again, I’d also take that cocktail with me to the fates of heaven or the bowels of hell.

    At least you slept. You should reduce your caffeine. You cancelled work; if you doze off, who cares?

    Just so you are aware: caffeine can increase feelings of anxiety. Physiologically, there are symptoms of anxiety, and caffeine can replicate some of them, not so you notice normally, but you do in panic state. And a physiological stress response can trigger a full blown panic attack, which are currently directly linked to your PTSD, so it’s a loop.

    However, I am not cruel and get the need for coffee (I promise). However, try to limit it. If it’s a pleasure of yours, drink a smaller cup or go decaf. If it’s a necessity not a pleasure, drink a shot glass worth to help with the headache and call it a day. If you get tired, lay down. No reason on earth not to. The cleaning and shopping will still be there tomorrow, but sleep is visiting right now.


    1. Your right. But surprisingly I am full of energy now. I don’t feel at all tired. That 3 hours of sleep I got this morning was uninterrupted, and did me the power of good!


      1. Yay. I am glad you got at least 3 hours! I got more today because I fell asleep in the afternoon! I feel way better now after a good solid sleep!


      2. No. I’ve been in one of those places where I can’t fall asleep at all or I’m sleeping way more than usual (up to 10 hours at a time). And either one leaves me drained and exhausted.


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