An unpleasant surprise!

I just got my gas bill and I am in shock!

For 2 months, the bill was 362 euro!

That is outrageous! I don’t have my heating on a lot either!

Maybe 2 or 3 hours a day max!

And I am not at home on the weekends, so I don’t use it from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon each week!

I only had 300 euro in credit, so I owe 62 euro now!

And you have to pay the balance that you owe within 14 days of the bill being issued.

So between this bill, my vet bill which I still owe money on, and now my electricity bill is also due within the next day or two, I’m screwed!

I swear I need a money tree!

Anyone feel the same way?

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

24 thoughts on “An unpleasant surprise!”

  1. My power bills have been running $192 to$242 a month. I have the heat on 24-7 but I ran the AC that way and the bill was never over $142. We are all getting screwed over. Money is the root of all evil when you just don’t have enough. Sending hugs.

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  2. Ouch. Our heating isn’t too bad, but our daughter just had a heating bill of over $500. I think that’s about 475 Euros. She’s having trouble paying for it, we’ve helped by paying her vet bill, but we can barely afford that.

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  3. In January we had our highest gas bill ever – not because we used more gas just because of price increases. We started using our fireplace as much as possible and our February bill was down 25%. It can be a lot of work to keep the fire going but we are blessed to have it as an option.

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  4. We haven’t been hit by the gastronomical increases yet and will feel a 300 to 400% rise when our fixed tariff expires in September. I have been budgeting accordingly and using charts and spreadsheets taking into account the recent costs here in the UK and so far, I seem to be within target. It is criminal that the energy companies are making obscene billions in profits yet people are unable to heat their homes.

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      1. I know. We had an invitation from our energy supplier to join in with their saving energy hour. I replied asking how we could possibly cut back from between 3 and 4 kwh a day which is all we use as the norm anyway. Waiting to hear……………..

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