Vet visit for Nitro, prayers needed

I have to take Nitro to the vet. The earliest I could get him in is Friday.

They did not have a sooner appointment.

He is limping, it’s his back left leg.

I took him for a walk today and he could barely walk on it, I think he’s in a lot of pain with it.

I wish I was able to get him in sooner than Friday but I am glad I was able to get him in then.

I spoke to the receptionist at the vets office, and he said if he needs x-rays it will be 150 euro for them as they will need to put him under to do an x-ray.

Hopefully he won’t need them. Hopefully when the vet feels his hips and legs, and looks at him he’ll be able to diagnose him.

I have pet insurance, if I need it though so that is good.

It’s a worry. I hate to see him in pain.

Please can you all pray he’ll be ok, and that it is just a slight touch of arthritis?

I am hoping he can get pain meds and something like a supplement for his joints and that will be all he needs.

Send up good vibes, and positive thoughts for him guys!

I’d appreciate it!


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

46 thoughts on “Vet visit for Nitro, prayers needed”

  1. Know where you are with this Carol Anne. Sending positive vibes for Nitro.
    As a thought, have you tried glucosomine for him? We were told about it for Maggie’s arthritis and I bought some over the counter at Lidl. I gave her half a tablet a day (you can check the dosage on the internet) and it seemed to help her. You can ask your vet about it too. I tried it for me a few months later (larger dose obviously and maximum strength) and it helped.

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      1. It worked for Maggie. I can’t remember who told us about it but I looked it up on the internet. I’m taking 1000mg and it helps. I’m waiting for an MRI scan so that they can tell me exactly how it has progressed and what they can do to help me.


  2. I’m so sorry for Nitro, and you! I have found that dogs with hip issues tend to actually like a heating pad on low. Some dogs want to lay on it, some under it; you go with whatever Nitro thinks is a good thing to do. Also, soft rubs on the hip tends to help. Some doggies like it a bit rougher, but most just like the attention, even if you don’t think it’s doing much. If you use mild pressure (but still pressure) and Nitro starts licking your hand off, it generally means you found the spot and you’re not hurting it. If you are hurting it, you’d be surprised at what even a teeny, tiny muzzle can do to remove your hand immediately. Or a good, solid yelp. I found that with my doggies, when they started showing signs of arthritis, my mother would reach for the pain meds (like baby aspirin), but I never would. Good old fashioned heating pads and puppy massages always did the trick. Once you figure out where it hurts and what you’re dog is good with, deep tissue massages can really help – but be careful with the pressure you are using – more for bigger dogs, less for smaller ones. Don’t do a deep tissue massage for Andre the Giant on a teacup puppy, and don’t expect it to have any effect on Clifford the Big Red Dog when you’re using the pressure you’d use on an ant.
    Nitro’s very lucky to have such a loving mommy!


  3. Praying for Nitro. Or older lab, Phoebe, started limping a while back. The vet has us give her two pills once a day and it seems to help her a lot. They’re really big pills, but they must taste good to her, she gobbles them down. We have to hide her thyroid pill in a piece of sausage, she won’t eat it otherwise.

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