Happy home maker monday 26th December

This week, to start the week off, I am participating in the happy homemaker prompt, which is a new to me prompt.

So, here I go!

The weather

Its cold and frosty. Its only 3 degrees c outside right now. It didn’t rain today which I was glad about. Actually the sun came out in the afternoon for a bit.

As I look outside my window

I have my curtains closed right now as its night time, but if they were open and you looked outside you’d see the garden, but I am not in my own house tonight, I am at my parents house, and their front garden is pretty big, with lots of flowers in it.

Right now I am…

Drinking a bottle of water, and typing this blog post. Its midnight here now so I should go to bed soon.

Thinking and pondering…

I am currently thinking about tomorrow, wondering what the new day will bring, and hoping that when I go back home to my own house that it isn’t going to be too cold.

How am I feeling?

Happy and content, I had a lovely day at my sisters house, and I made awesome memories!

Listening to…

The sound of silence, and my dog snoring softly.

On the breakfast plate…

Well this morning I had sausages and toast.

On the lunch plate…

I skipped lunch today.

On the dinner plate…

Roast beef, mashed potato, turnip, roasted parsnip, carrot and onions, Yorkshire pudding, gravy and potato croquettes!

What I’m wearing…

My pajamas, and a bathrobe over it, and cozy socks too!

On my reading pile?

Too many books to mention! I have so many that I don’t know where to start! I bought a few lately, and I already had a ton more to read also! The next one I am going to read is a true crime collection by Ryan Green.

On my TV this week?

I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas specials! I’ve also started watching the voice kids!

On the menu…

Well this week I’m cooking pizza, steak and gravy pie, curry, and probably a Chinese take away.

Looking around the house…

At my parents house where I am right now, there are lots of decorations up for Christmas, but at my own house, I don’t have any decorations up.

To do list…

No to do list this week, its still Christmas break, so my appointments haven’t started back up yet. I will just relax, and enjoy the break!

From the camera

I don’t have any pics to share, sorry!

What I am creating?

Nothing! I haven’t crafted in a long time! It is something I may take up in the new year, if I can figure out what crafts I want to start doing.

Devotional, bible verse, prayer…

Creator, I thank you for a beautiful Christmas spent with my family, I thank you for making sure my mom was home from the hospital and could spend Christmas with her girls.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “Happy home maker monday 26th December”

  1. Sounds like you had a nice holiday! We watched The Voice but I don’t think we have a kids version here. We might though and I’ve just never seen it. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

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