Going to dublin for the weekend!

I’ll be heading to dublin today, this afternoon, I am visiting my friend pat! I’ll be there until Sunday.
I am so looking forward to my visit! We’ll have fun just hanging out in pats house, we won’t go out anywhere or do anything big, just being able to hang
out, talk, watch netflix and stuff will be enough.
I got Zarly a birthday present, because he turned 2 last week! I got him a bone and of course I got Nitro one too! They can have a doggy party!
I will be getting the 1:25 PM train up to dublin, arriving into dublin at around 4 PM! And then I’ll take a taxi to Pats house, which he has kindly offered
to pay for for me! Thats a 30 euro taxi fare! He’s so kind to pay it for me!
I think it is going to take me about 40 minutes to get from the train station to pats house! Thats if traffic is not to heavy!
I will of course have my laptop with me, and will be keeping up with emails over the weekend, when pat is doing things like housework, watching football,
which he loves, and I hate lol. While he watches the football I will either read my book or read emails.
Also I probably am not going to sleep well, I never do when I am away from home. So at night when pat is sleeping I may be around too online, don’t be
surprised if you see emails pop up from me at all hours of the morning!
At least Nitro is resting now, before traveling tomorrow, I hope he’s going to fare ok on the train, he did last time, but tomorrow it’ll be at full capacity
again, so it might be very busy, and we may not get a seat to ourselves like we did the last time around.
Well I am going to go take myself off and read for a bit, since I am not sleeping tonight.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “Going to dublin for the weekend!”

      1. Yes I have nerves about the trip to, I think what if something goes wrong, or what if Nigel doesn’t settle on the train, it’s a lot to think about 💐😇


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