Update on my moms health

So my mom was meant to have an appointment today at the oxygen clinic. It was canceled yesterday, and she was told she’d have to wait for at least a month to be seen.
My aunt, her sister, had an appointment in the same hospital this morning, so mom went with her because she has disability parking, and she was going to help out her sister by letting her use her disability pass to park in the hospital car park.
When they got there, and mom was sitting having a coffee while her sister went in, the nurse from the oxygen clinic rang her. They could fit her in today after all. They had been waiting for an oxygen concentrator which has broken down yesterday and so that is why her appointment was canceled yesterday.
Mom was delighted! It was meant to be!
So she went and saw the oxygen nurse. And she did a six minute test walking up and down the halls. And they decided that she is to go on a portable concentrator when she’s out and about. It will be delivered to her within the next week. She is also having an ultrasound of her heart in october, there is an issue with her heart, and that is why her oxygen levels are dropping when she walks, its not actually down to the COPD at all.
They told her that when they see her back in a few weeks, they will do further tests, and she may have to go on oxygen overnight, if that happens, mom said she’ll sleep in the spare room, as my dad uses an Ecig and he won’t want to give that up.
It will also mean that if she’s sleeping in the spare room, that I probably might not be able to go there to stay as often, as that room is the one I usually sleep in! I mean, they do have another bedroom, its up stairs, so I could always sleep there if I had to but I couldnt get nitro up there, as the stairs is too narrow.
Thats ok though, I’ll just have to get used to staying at home!
I’m so glad mom saw the oxygen specialists today. I’m glad they’re putting her on the appropriate oxygen now.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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