Today is Tuesday, August 17th

I had a lovely day today. I was up at the crack of dawn. I had my weekly weigh in this morning, so I wanted to get up early to get showered and dressed on time. I don’t eat or drink before my weigh in, I think if I dont then I’ll get a more accurate weight when I step on the scales.
I was out of the house at 8:45. My usual taxi driver John picked me up. He brings me most places now whenever I need to get a taxi. I hope he doesnt retire for a long time. He’s so good and such a gentleman.
We picked Frances up and then went to slimming world. We were only 5 minutes as its just a pay and weigh, so we were in and out in no time at all. I’m so happy to be down 3 pounds. I kinda knew I was going to have a good result, call it intuition but I had a good feeling about my weigh in today.
We got john to wait for us and then once we were done he brought us back home. I had breakfast then, I had left out sausages and I had them with toast. I needed milk so frances ran to the local shop for me to get me some. She took Nitro with her. I went on facebook to post about my weight loss results while she was gone. As soon as I posted my facebook blew up, lol. Everyone was congratulating me.
Frances did all the housework then. She flew around the house in record time. She’s so quick. I got out of her way while she cleaned. I went in the bedroom and went on my laptop. Once she finished the vacuming, mopping, dishes, emptying the bins, making the bed and all that we sat and had a coffee and a chat.
Frances left at 11:30. I decided to get right to work. I was going to wait until 2 PM to do my calls, but I decided that I’d rather get them done early. So I got out my list and started making the calls. And by the time 2:30 came I was done for the day. All of my clients were feeling good today. I am always so glad when they’re doing well.
After work I ate a late lunch. Then I watched a show on tv called disappeared. It is about people who go missing and each episode tells a story of a person whose gone missing and the subsequent investigation into their disappearance.
Eileen and me texted for a while. That was nice. I love when we have little conversations over text. Its so comforting.
I read my book for a while, checked email again, watched more tv.
The only downside to my day is now its almost midnight, and I cant sleep. I cant settle down. I took my meds, and I did go to bed at 10:25 and I lay there until 11:15, with no joy. So I got up again. And I will stay up for a little while longer and then hopefully I will settle down and sleep.
Stay safe everyone!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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