My CPn is on holidays for 2 weeks!

I had a phone session with my CPn sarah this afternoon. It was a good session. We caught up on everything thats going on in my life right now, and I had to tell her about losing 2 of my clients, so because of that my mood is a little low.
She said that is understandable. I told her I am staying home this weekend, as I need to stay out of my dads way. He’s having a colonoskopy next Tuesday, but he has to prep for it over the weekend, well from sunday. He’ll also have to stay off alcohol, so he’s going to be in a foul mood, and he will be taking it out on everyone. I won’t put myself in the firing line, so I am staying home!
Sarah said that she thinks me staying home is a good idea. She asked me if I have plans, and I said I didnt. I’m probably just going to chill out and relax. I doubt I’ll meet up with friends. I also doubt I’ll go anywhere at all this weekend. I’ll probably stay in my PJ’S all weekend.
I do still feel kinda low. I mean I don’t feel really bad, but my mood is a little flat. And I keep thinking about my client who fell down the stairs. What an awful way to die. Its such a horrific death to get.
Sarah told me today that she’s going on holidays now for the next 2 weeks, she offered that alison, who is dr. Barrys other community psychiatric nurse could call me to check in with me. I refused, because I don’t know alison that well, and so I doubt I’d open up on the phone with her, I find it hard opening up to someone who I barely know. Sarah said if I do need her, that I can call, and she’ll let alison know I may check in, but she won’t ring me while sarah’s away. She’s gonna leave it up to me. That suits me fine. I’m happy with that arrangement.
I just finished showering, I didn’t want to shower in the morning, I prefer showering in the evening for some reason. I made a cup of coffee and drank it, even though its almost 10 PM. I know, I know, I doubt I will sleep now. Oh well. I can read my book and listen to the radio.
I hope it doesnt rain overnight. I need to go out in the morning. I am meeting Frances at the grocery store, we’ll do my grocery shopping, and then when we come home and put it all away I want to get out for a walk. I am just praying the weather cooperates.
Ok well, gonna go curl up with my book. Catch ya’ll later!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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