Busy morning with Frances

Frances came at 9 AM this morning.
I had just gotten up a few minutes before she arrived. I had planned on getting up early, but then I woke up a lot during the night, I felt very unsettled and didnt sleep good at all.
I got her to make me eggs and toast for breakfast. I had boiled eggs.
I’m trying to get back into healthy eating again, so I figured eggs and toast would be good, since eggs are good protein.
Frances offered to take Nitro for a walk. I should’ve gone too, but I couldnt bring myself to go. So I just let her take him by herself and I stayed home.
When she came back from the walk she did a lot of housework. She washed dishes, mopped the floors, and did the vacuming.
So my house looks spick and span now!
I have a bit of a headache, which seems to be getting worse as the morning wears on, so I canceled work for today.
I would take a nap, but I am expecting a delivery and the text I got said it would be here between 1 and 2 this afternoon.
Frances said to me this morning that she might not be able to come to me on Friday morning, she’s getting her second vaccination on Thursday afternoon, and she may be sick from it, if she can get here on Friday morning she will, but she was just letting me know that she may not be able to depending on her reaction from the vaccination.
I am ok with that, as I will be going to my parents house for the weekend, its fathers day on Sunday, and its also my moms birthday on Sunday.
The weather this morning is a lot cooler, we’re expecting some rain today and tomorrow, but right now its just cloudy and a bit cooler than it has been over the last couple of days.
I think I will go make a cup of coffee to perk myself up and then I will go read my book for a while.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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