I reached out to a former friend

My friend Norma hasnt spoken to me since last october. She just quit talking to me one day. I never knew why.
The truth is I miss her. We used to talk daily. Sometimes multiple times a day.
She didnt give any reason why she wasnt talking to me, but her mental health wasnt great, so I was assuming it was something to do with that.
As I said, I’ve really missed her and I worry about her as she doesnt really have many friends, she’s quite isolated and she lives alone.
So today I rang her. I decided to just go ahead and call her to see if we can patch things up.
She answered my call but she said she was unable to talk just now. She said she’d call me back later on this evening.
I really hope she will. I really want to work it out with her.
She was a good friend. If her mental health was the cause of her not talking to me then I will understand, as sometimes I want to hide away from the world also.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

24 thoughts on “I reached out to a former friend”

    1. If she does call me I am planning on asking her what the deal was I mean I’d like to know what it was that caused her to stop talking to me so yes I plan on asking her out right if she calls me back 😎💝

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      1. I had a friend from childhood who acted something similar. Even if I emailed him, he’d reply to say he was sending a proper response later (what’s the point?) then not bother. I gave up in the end, I felt I’d done all I could. I’m still not sure what I did.

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      2. Yeah it’s not cool, I don’t work that way, if I’m not going to talk to someone I will give them a reason I wouldn’t just cut them off for no reason even if my mental health was really bad I still wouldn’t do that to someone who was my friend for over 20 years

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  1. I hope you both have the courage to talk about this. Sometimes slights are real, and sometimes they are imaginary. I had one friend that I had been close to since we were 16 (I’m 47 now) tell me she didn’t want to be friends anymore because in our early 20s I didn’t bring her soup when she was sick. I had my first serious boyfriend then, and she was usually off getting high, but I guess she really resented it, and after a few decades decided it was time to dump me. At that point I just gave her the thumbs up and told her good luck.


  2. Of course, we don’t want to receive negative reactions, but we can deal better with a “break-up” when we have an explanation – regardless of which explanation. I hope she will tell you what happened to either be relieved or know where she comes from.

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