Gratitude list May 27th 2021

I am joining in this week with 10 things of thankful T2T check it out here!

1. I am grateful to my sister, she has given me a lot of help lately.
2. I am grateful for my friends, especially my best friend sarah!
3. I am grateful for books. And reading!
4. I am grateful that I am able to write, it is theraputic for me.
5. I am grateful for my CPN sarah. Her support has been amazing over the last few months.
6. I am grateful for good, wholesome nourishing food to eat.
7. I am grateful for my meds that allow me to live without a lot of debilitating symptoms.
8. I am grateful for my dog Nitro. His love is unwavering.
9. I am grateful for my family, especially my mom.
10. I am grateful that I am making it through each day, it feels good to be alive despite my wobbles, and I am so glad I am resilient and can cope better now than I have done in the past.

What are you grateful for?

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

15 thoughts on “Gratitude list May 27th 2021”

  1. I lost a former schoolmate and friend last weekend. It hit me heavily but I am so very thankful that I was blessed to be connected to a person like him. Always positive, always standing tall, moving forward, and pursuing his calling. Yes, I am immensely grateful that he was my friend.


  2. Hi carol anne, what a wonderful list! If you would like others joining the blog hop to see your post, it may be advisable that you add it to the InLinkz linky. To do this, click the button that says something like “add your link” and then follow the steps (you may need to log in to InLinkz but it will allow you to use Facebook or Google for that). The linky will ask you to select an image, but There is no do that (I didn’t either). If you struggle, leave a comment at the post (or I can do it for you if you can’t comment on Blogspot blogs) and the host will add your link to the linky. I could also try to add your link myself.


  3. (Hey. Astrid, it worked, you’re adding Carol anne’s TToT to the linkup. cool)

    Welcome Carol anne (sorry about the starting my comment with addressing someone else…lol It actually reminds me of the early days of this bloghop. there was a lot of cross-talk and such between and among comments and replies)
    In any event, an excellent Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) post.
    Especially identified with Numbers 4 and 8
    writing is good, dogs are perfect
    Have a good week.

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  4. So glad you linked up to TTOT. Being able to consider the good things about being alive is such a great way to stay focused on what really matters and this blog hop is such a great way do that.

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  5. I’m so happy Astrid linked you up with the TToT! You have a lovely list with much goodness! You are definitely resilient and I’m glad you’re coping with everything better!

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