My PA is amazing!

Frances was here this morning. We got loads done!
We went for a long walk, it was so nice to just get out in the fresh air! I needed it! I really enjoyed our walk.
When we came back from our walk, we sat and had a coffee, and then, Frances got cracking on the housework. She did vacuming, mopped the floors, did dishes, emptied my bins, and then I asked her if she’d dust my bedroom.
It hadnt been dusted in ages, and OMG guys there was layers of dust everywhere, no wonder I’ve been sneezing so much!
I helped her a little bit, I moved all of my stuff for her, because she doesnt know where I want stuff, and it was just easier if I did the moving of it.
We dusted my headboard and my shelves of my wardrobe, the dog hair I got out of my shelves, I could make a fur coat with it lol!
We also dusted my dressers, and she dusted my tv.
After she finished the dusting she vacumed the floor again. So she did lots of stuff today!
Once we were done, I made her sit down and have another cup of coffee!
We just chatted for a while then until it was time for her to leave.
I’m off work today. I told my supervisor I needed a break, I didnt tell her why though. Its because my mental health isnt great at the moment, and I don’t feel able to be there to support other people when I am going through my own crap. My supervisor understood when I said I didnt feel up to making calls today, I told her I’d text her in the morning and hopefully I’d be up to doing calls tomorrow.
Now I am going to enjoy my day off! I am planning on reading a lot, and basically relaxing. I have no big plans!
I have left out lasagna for dinner, but right now its still thawing, so I’ll have to wait until probably about 7 pm before I can eat it.
Thats ok though. Right now I’m feeling good. Long may that continue!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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