Scammers, fuck off!

Just got a call from a scammer! They tried to persuade me they were from amazon, and they told me that my amazon prime account was being renewed for 80 euro, and they said if I wanted to unsubscribe that I could talk to the amazon service manager! Whatever! Not happening! I just hung up on them! They can go fuck off! They can go for a walk off a very high bridge!
I am so sick of scammers calling me! I hate them!
They obviously have no lives! I mean who does this sorta thing!
Only very sick and disturbed people would do this!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “Scammers, fuck off!”

  1. I feel your pain, important not to let them get to you though, caller ID can be a good option, saves the stress. Regarding the people themselves, they are likely normal worker that applied for a job and when they turned up they realise its a shitty job but they need to put food on the table.

    It the people turning these outfits that are to blame.

    Each call I get I 1471 or whatever service you have to get number and report them to my phone company. Most companies have a live chat feature so that you can do this quickly.

    I get a lot of these calls so know that they usually call at set times, 12-2 midday and evening. Also I have noticed that when you answer call there is normally a delay, so jsut put phone down. Also as soon as someone says Amazom, Mircosoft, Tax Office Iput phone down, all these companies if there is a problem will email you or send a letter.

    Hoping this ideas help. Please dont let it ruin your day/week, they are not worth it. šŸ™‚

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    1. You are spot on, they are not worth it, not worth ruining my day. I am going to let it go and get on with my day. I have better things to be doing then thinking about them. There was a delay when I picked up the phone and it was a recorded message at first telling me that Amazon was charging my bank account so I just hung up as if you press the number 1 to talk to someone you get charged astronomical amount of money


      1. Yes anything automated is a joke, I think they most just have machine that calls 1000s of numbers in the hope they get someone that falls for it. Got to the point I dont answer calls, i dont like putting phone down but these companies jsut upset me.


  2. They could be a “refund scammer.” They talk you into installing remote-control software on your computer after telling you that they’re going to refund your money. Then they have you log into your bank. At this point, you’d think they just siphon off the money, but that’s too risky for them. They deposit the refund in your account or make it look like they did. Then they alter the text on your screen to make it look like they accidentally added an extra zero. Then they fake freaking out, crying and saying they’re going to lose their job. They then try to talk you into paying the money back in gift cards. they want you to go to the store and buy a bunch of gift cards and then read them the numbers. It seems like no one would fall for that, but enough people do that they stay in business. Most of these scammers are in India, but not all of them. There’s a YouTube channel called “Scammer Payback” where he pretends to be a gullible little old lady and then scams them back in various ways. His favorite seems to reconnect back to their computer while they think they’re fooling him, then deleting all their files with all of their important data, then setting a password on their computer and rebooting it. When they can’t log back into their computer he’s had them really crying and begging for the password. He’s also managed to turn on the cameras in their computers and getting their pictures and publishing them. There are at least a few other people who do this, it’s funny to watch. Refund scammers are scum.

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