Sick, again!

I’ve been layed up in bed all day.
I had the worst migraine ever!
It came on while my mom was visiting, I started feeling very cold, and exhausted, and then the migraine just hit really hard.
I went to bed and stayed there, I slept, and only woke at 12:30 at night when I finally got up.
I hate migraines, they are so debilitating.
I’ve been getting a lot of them lately it seems.
I think some of them are just from being so exhausted and having very little sleep.
I feel much better now though. I’m glad its gone now.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “Sick, again!”

  1. My broken sleep used to mean waking up every two or three hours. Now I am literally up every hour on the hour. I am taking my sleepy time cocktail but still,I wake up. Come alarm time,all I can do is hit snooze until do or die time. Everyone is like,you do not work,you have no reason to be tired.
    I beg to differ. And it taints your days and nights so your mood and anxiety are sparked further. Some days,just putting on clean clothes takes all my spoons.
    You are one of the few people who I know will understand the frustration and toxicity of broken sleep. Truly wish neither of us had to suffer through it.
    Hope you find relief soon for the migraines. I do not get them often but when they hit,it is like an anvil to the head.


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