My weekend!

I had a pretty good weekend. I didnt get up to much though.
The plan was that I would stay home this weekend, but that didnt happen, on saturday morning, mom phoned asking me if I would come over and we could do something together.
So I did go to my parents house, and we went to a local shopping mall, and while we were there we browsed around, and I had a vanilla latte at starbux.
Moms sister came with us, and when we were done looking around, we decided to call to her other sisters house as she doesnt live far from the shopping centre.
We stayed about 2 hours there. Then we came back to moms house, and I decided to stay the night, mom cooked us some dinner, by the time I got done eating all I wanted to do was crash. I was totally exhausted as I didnt sleep a wink on Friday night.
So I just went to bed and read my book in bed, and after about an hour I fell asleep, I didnt wake for the rest of the night.
I woke at 7 AM to hear my dad trying to get charlie back to bed, lol, that pup is like an alarm clock, every morning at around 6:30 he tries to get my mom up, he’s over by the side of her bed licking her and nudging her.
I got up at around 7:30, well I didnt actually get out of bed until 8:30, but mom brought me in a mug of tea and I had that in bed while I messed around on my phone.
The morning went kinda slow, but all I did was check email, blog, and have a nice long bubble bath, mom washed my hair for me, and then I sat in the kitchen with her chatting until my sister and her family came over at 1 Pm and we all had dinner together.
Dinner was roast beef, roast potatos, mashed potatos, peas, gravy and yorkshire puddings.
It was absolutely delicious! I ate way too much lol.
My sister dropped me home after dinner, and things have been quiet since I’ve been home. All I did was feed nitro, watch nothing to declare on tv, read email, and then watched another show which was a game show on tv.
I did enjoy my weekend, though. I enjoyed spending quality time with my mom.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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