Pretty awesome Thursday

My thursdays been great!
I woke up early, actually I didnt get much sleep, my sleep got all screwed up and I only slept about 3 hours.
My PA frances came at 9 AM! She helped me cooked breakfast. I had Fried eggs and toast. It was delicious.
She went to the store for me to get milk and some pepsi, and she took Nitro with her. She decided she’d walk him around the block for 20 minutes after going to the store, I didnt go as I wasnt dressed, and it was about to start raining so I decided to stay home.
When she got back she did a load of housework for me. I played on my phone and watched an episode of little house on the prairie while she did the housework.
She left at 11. My supervisor had texted me to ask if I would be able to work today, I said I could. So I worked for a couple of hours. Work went well. All of my clients were in good spirits. The time flew by.
I went on ebay to have a look at some movies I and I ended up buying a couple, so then I had some back and forth conversations with some sellers, who were really helpful. One of them shipped an item to me and only charged me a small fee for shipping, even though it was a lot more to ship my item. I was very grateful to him and I left him great feedback.
I texted a few friends, and then my friend Pat called me this afternoon and we had a good chat for about an hour. He’s getting his first covid jab on Saturday. He’s a kidney transplant patient and a diabetic and right now people with underlying conditions are recieving their vaccines.
I had stew for dinner, my sister had leftovers and she gave me a big plate of stew so I ate it and it was yummy, it was lamb stew, I texted her to tell her how much I enjoyed it after I got done eating.
Then for the rest of the evening I just read, I’m reading outcast child by kitty neale, its really good so far. I also watched some tv, and ripped some dvd’s to my computer.
Now I am just going through my emails and reading some blogs.
I hope you’ve all had a lovely Thursday!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

19 thoughts on “Pretty awesome Thursday”

    1. I emailed Cathy and she got back to me. I was just sending her my condolences about her mum, she told me her next book is out in September and it’s called an innocent baby


  1. For awhile cos we only get 9 tv channels,I was watching Little House. All I could think of was,omg,how did they stay warm during winter? How did they do laundry during winter? How did their food not spoil without a fridge?
    I became aware that moment just how spoiled I am these days,taking these things for granted.
    Then I compared those kids without tons of clothes and devices and yet they were happy,grateful,and showed their parents respect. I have totally failed as a mom cos my terrible tween is none of those things in spite of having all her needs met and then some. Normal phase or not for her age,there are times I find her very unlikeable and cruel. Thought I had taught her better😭
    Anyway,glad you had a good day.
    And on a Little House side note…my fave scenes are always the ones where Nelly and her mother get put in their place😉

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