20 thoughts on “Carol anne asks”

  1. Pretty good. We had someone do an estimate to put up a new fence for us and assemble a swing set and “tree fort” for our grandkids. He quoted a price that was so low we’d be crazy to do the work ourselves. We’ve used him before for other projects and his work was excellent, so I assume it will be for this.

    I think I mentioned a few months ago that my right arm was partially paralyzed? I saw a new doctor about it a couple of weeks ago and he did an MRI, it’s a pinched nerve in my neck. We decided that since it had gotten a little better on its own, we’d wait a month to see if it kept getting better before we decided to do surgery. It’s gotten a lot better! It moves in all directions now, but it’s still pretty weak. I hope exercises help the strength.

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  2. It was good! Very productive. I finished working on an alien smut for amazon. Got some beta readers for it. I beta read another author’s erotic short for an anthology I’m involved with. I talked to a couple of artists about some original artwork I need done for a yeti smut. I researched blurbs and keywords to stay out of trouble with amazon with the monster girl smut series I’m about to start releasing. I reviewed promo deal options with a friend who knows a little more about self-publishing. I looked into some options for newsletter listings, and lastly, worked a little bit on a collab project for a furry VN 😀
    So lots of stuff in the works and it is super fun! ❤

    How was your Monday, Carol Anne?

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  3. My Monday went well. I managed to find a file Word press unceremoniously deleted on me last Friday. Only lost a couple minor changes but that’s a whole lot better than losing 3 days work.

    My contractor came today to start repair work from the winter storms…had a broken water pipe. So far, going well.

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