Today is wednesday Febuary 24th

Well, Its mid afternoon now. I didnt have a good night last night. I didnt sleep well and I was very anxious all night. Eventually I got up at 6 AM after only going to bed after 2 AM. I made coffee and tried to start my day. I knew I should shower but I was feeling so depressed, I just couldnt get in the shower. I actually ended up going back to bed at 8 AM, and I stayed there until after 11 AM! I dozed on and off, I didnt sleep for the whole time. I decided I’d call my mom once I got up. We talked for a while, she was cooking a steak for me to have for dinner today. I’m going to have a baked potato with it and some mixed vegetables. Mom came over around 12 PM, with my sister. I still hadnt jumped in the shower. We had lunch together all 3 of us, then my sister cleaned my back yard, before she had to go to work. She’s having a lot of trouble with her car, it seems to be leaking water from the roof. She’s had it at the garage but they couldnt see what the problem was. The car is new and my sister and her partner payed a lot of money for it, actually they have it on finance, which means they are paying it back each week. So because the garage didnt fix it, my sister and her partner are trying to get legal advice, they have pictures and videos of the water leaking from the roof and they are going to get some legal advice on what they should do now. Mom and me were saying that they shouldnt allow the garage to fob them off. Once my sister left for work, mom and me just stayed in the kitchen chatting, mom helped me do some laundry and put on a wash and then put the clothes on to dry. I had a coffee then. Once mom left at 2 Pm I had to work on friendly call. I had double the amount of calls to do today because my supervisor was very busy and so I had to do her batch of calls as well as my own. I thought my shift would go slow, but the time flew by. I enjoyed chatting to all of my clients, Once I finished work, I finally made it into the shower. I knew my hair was greasy and I was feeling gross and like I was dirty so I knew I had to push myself and just do it. So I did. I feel much better now that I’ve showered. I feel human again. And my hair smells so good. I like the shampoo I am using right now. Now that I’m done showering, I’m watching an afternoon chat show on tv. I am going to do some blog reading in a little while. I’m planning on having dinner around 6 PM. I dont have any other plans for the evening. I might listen to a podcast or read later on tonight. Hope your all having a great day, stay well and stay safe.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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