today is Tuesday Febuary 9th

I’ve been having a good day today. I saw my PA frances this morning. She came at 9 AM. She was here until 11:30.
We got loads done. She helped me make breakfast, I had boiled eggs and toast, we had coffee together too. We just sat and chatted putting the world to rights lol.
The weather this morning is not great. Its only 1 degree c and the low for today is minus 1, the high is only 2 degrees c. We’re supposed to get snow flurries today also. We had some snow flurries as well yesterday. The worst of the bad weather is meant to come tomorrow and Thursday, with severe snowfalls and sleet and ice.
After I had my breakfast frances got started on the housework. She did loads, mopping the floors, vacuming them, changing my bed, washing dishes, putting on a load of washing, and wiping down all of my work surfaces.
I got a letter in the mail today from the pet insurance company I’m with, I had recently made a claim, my vet bill was 200 euro last december when Nitro was in with gastroenteritis. So I claimed and I’m only getting 66 euro back, the excess is 100 euro, and then because Nitro is over 7 I must pay an extra 35 percent, so it worked out that they’ll only be giving me 66 euro back. Its better than nothing though.
Before she left frances wrote out a few birthday cards for me, I have a couple to send this month, and a couple in march. I love putting stickers on my cards, I have a big supply of stickers, with all sorts of fun stuff on them, from flowers, butterflies, footballs, princesses, etc. I think its nice to put stickers on cards, I know when I get a card I always love when there are nice stickers on the envelope.
Once Frances left, I called my mom, and we had a chat. I’ve a bit of free time now so I am going through my email, and then I will read some blog posts.
I work on friendly call this afternoon, I didnt work yesterday so am looking forward to working this afternoon.
I’m also waiting on our local council to get back to me, I’ve been on to the housing department three times now, to log my maintenance complaints, basically, my heating is not working properly and out in my back yard the fence is coming away from the concrete underneath it and a concrete slab is out of place and it is very dangerous as it could fall on nitro. No one from the council got in touch yet, I hope they will soon. I really need them to take a look and fix it and also look at my heating and fix that.
I hope you all have a good tuesday, stay well and stay safe.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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