Today is 22nd January

The day started early. Nitro woke me up at 6, but I managed to persuade him to come back to bed with me, he snuggled up next to me and I was able to sleep for another hour and a half before he jumped off the bed and started whimpering at me. Then I knew he wanted to go out so I got up, let him out and then fed him.
Afterwords I made a coffee and waited for my PA Frances to arrive. I played on my phone, flicked through fb, checked on my blog and answered comments and looked at my stats.
At 9 AM Frances arrived. She told me the roads were very icy. That meant no walk for me this morning, and no walk for nitro either. Frances said she almost fell on the ice, I did need her to go to the shops for me to get milk and bread but I told her to wait until the roads thawed out a little bit before heading out.
We sat down and had coffee together, and we chatted, I usually have breakfast and Frances helps me to cook it, but this morning I wasnt very hungry so I just had some fruit.
At about 9:45 Frances went to the shops for me, she got what I needed, just as she arrived back the postman came, he had a package for me, I had bought a few cd’s from a friend, it was weird, the friend I bought the cd’s frm is blind, and he sent the cd’s using the articles for the blind labels, and they got here within 3 days. I was surprised to see them arrive so quickly!
Frances asked me if I needed some housework done, and I did, so she got to work doing that. She hoovered, mopped, did dishes, made my bed, and cleaned the bathroom.
She left at around 11:30. Then I had to go to work making my calls, I worked until around 1:30.
Now I am relaxing in front of the tv, judge judy is on right now, I’m not really watching it though its just on as background noise.
My CPN sarah called me and we had our weekly phone check in. She’s working this weekend so she said she’d call me over the weekend, which is fab as now I will feel comfortable talking to her since I already know her.
Hope your all having a good day…

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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