Its Saturday January 9th

The day started off cold and icy. My neighbour texted me about 6 AM to tell me the foothpath outside my house was very icy so to be careful if I was going out. I heard the bin men coming around 7 AM. They are meant to pick up the bins on tuesdays, but last tuesday they couldnt gain access so they had scheduled a pick up this morning instead.
I’d been awake since around 4 AM. I had bad leg cramps again. I was just falling into a deep sleep when they hit. I got up, walked around, had a shower thinking the water may help my legs. It sort of did help the pain.
I eventuay fell back to sleep and woke again around 9. Its been a relatively quiet morning, I’ve been relaxing, reading, blogs and email and the end of my current book, which is the bad place by shane dunphy.
A review will be coming once I get done with the book!
Mom rang me around 11. She’s coming over at 2 with my aunt, they are going to spend a couple of hours here with me. I am so glad, as I need the company. My aunt offered to drive her so that she wouldnt have to get in a taxi. She’s trying to avoid taxi’s if she can!
The weekend team phoned me, that is the mental health team, I spoke with a lovely nurse called cora. She was very friendly, and we chatted about the cramps, about my mood, and about distractions I could use to try to cope. She’s going to phone me again tomorrow morning. I am so grateful for the weekend team. Its nice that someone is checking up on me. Its a relief as I know if something were to go drastically wrong I can call them and they’ll know what I need to do.
No plan for the rest of the day, the weather right now is still cold, but the temps have risen to 2 degrees C, from minus 2. So i am glad bout that.
Stay safe everyone, enjoy your saturday,

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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