Dr. Barrys advice

So sarah got through to Dr. Barry. She explained to her what I’d said. And told her what I was experiencing.

Dr. Barry doesnt want me taking extra haldol. She said I should only take the 10 MG, that 20 MG would be too much alongside my trevicta, and she’d like me to double up on the fenergan, instead of taking 25 mg, she wants me to take 50 mg tonight.

However I cant. It wrecked me last night and I only took 25 mg. I’m not even chancing taking the 50 mg tablet. I’m too scared of the side effects from it.

I will tell dr. barry tomorrow that I didnt take the 50 MG tablet. Can you imagine how groggy I’d be if I took it? It was so bad this morning that I was slurring my speech and I could barely walk around the house or function for hours.

It literally took me a few hours to come around and be able to talk normally. I’m definitely not going to risk even more side effects by taking a double dose. Dr. Barry knows I rarely take fenergan. She knows I dont like the feeling I get from it.

She had prescribed zimovane which is a sleeping tablet for me at a low dose, but I only had a weeks supply. She might try prescribing that again tomorrow.

She told Sarah she thinks these voices were brought on by stress, and by me being triggered at the weekend, she thinks the symptoms I am experiencing are stress induced.

I hope so. Hopefully that is true, because, if it is, then if I am not stressed out then maybe they’ll go away. Fingers crossed.

I’m going to have a long heart to heart with her tomorrow. I want to do something to fix it so I dont end up in the hospital. She knows I wanna stay out of the hospital, so I am sure she’ll do all she can to help me fix the problem.

I ended up telling my mom how I was doing. She didnt understand really. I knew she wouldnt. I debated as to whether I should tell her. I didnt want to worry her. In the end frances told me that I should tell her so I did. I’m glad I did now. At least she knows now and I dont feel like I am hiding my symptoms from her.

She said its good that I have eileen and Dr. Barry to talk to. She was concerned about the meds making me zomby like, and drowsy. But I said that couldnt be helped. In the end she came around to the fact that I do need to take meds, even if they have horrid side effects. It will help me in the long run, she knows that.

Just gotta wait it out until tomorrow morning when Dr. Barry will phone me and we can discuss it. And hopefully come up with some ideas between us on what we need to do to solve it.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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