Looks like the start of 2021 will be fun, oh wait, I mean a shitfest!

We here in Ireland are going back into complete lockdown, we are going back into level 5, that is the most restrictive lockdown, everywhere is closing, except schools, schools are remaining open, because get this, schools are very safe places! Um realy? Reaaaly?
Who said that? Our wise I mean crappy politicians!
Honestly? You should’ve heard the speech our taoiseach gave tonight! He was giving this sickly sweet speech, about how we’ll all help one another, how we’ll get through this because a vaccinations on the way! Its being rolled out as I speak, he said.
Yes it is, but right now only health care workers are eligible to get it!
Then the people living in residential care, or nursing homes are next on the list! Starting on 1st january!
Then it goes on from there! Not sure when I’ll get it, but when I can, I will take it for sure!
The latest slogan from our travel agencies is vacc and go!
Yep, you heard it here, vaccinate and then head off on holidays!
I really really would love to do it, but I will be sensible and wait a few months before I book anything, just to see how all of this vaccinating goes!
In the meantime, come sunday, I’m going to be stuck at home again damn it!
I dont do well during the lockdowns, my mental health really suffers! Thank god I have zoom, so that I can still see eileen, but OMG! I wanted to go back to face to face sessions with her!
Not sure about Dr. Barry either! She probably cant see me face to face either! Not sure! Will have to phone her office on Monday and ask!
At least my PA Frances can still come in to me, they said on tv tonight that anyone caring for children or vulnerable people can still go to another persons home, but other than the people in your bubble, you cant have any visitors over at all now!
I am feeling a lot of anxious feelings, I am worried about how I’ll cope. I’m already struggling a lot!
I like to go do things! I like to go out and about! I dont do well at home all day every day I get restless and bored!
I guess it is what it is now, nothing we can do except get on with it! No choice!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

12 thoughts on “Looks like the start of 2021 will be fun, oh wait, I mean a shitfest!”

  1. It is exactly as you say – no choice. Your mental health… tough. If it is a choice between preserving somebody’s mental health and allowing them to potentially spread an infection… I’m sorry, it is a no-brainer.

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