Friday afternoon update

Its Friday! Yay! I love the weekend. This weekend I am going to be at home, I am not spending the weekend at my parents like I usually do.
My PA Frances was here this morning, she went to the grocery store for me to get what I needed before coming to my house, she’s done this now for the past 2 weeks, its awesome. I just give her a list and my card, and she gets what I need and brings me back a reciept.
I love that she’s so accomodating. I would go with her normally, but lately I am waiting on so many packages in the mail, and I need to be here when they arrive so I just let her do it on her own.
She put away all of my groceries, and then she did the usual housework. We got everything done in the time she was here, she was here for 2.5 hours overall.
My sisters christmas present came today well one of them, her pendant. I got Frances to wrap it for me. So now my moms presents are wrapped and my sisters and all I’ve left to buy for them is a gift voucher for each of them.
I got some dvd’s in the mail too that I ordered on ebay, so I will spend time this weekend ripping them to my computer and then putting them on my external hard drive.
My mom might call up to me this weekend, so we can take my graduation pictures. She needs to do my makeup, and help me get dressed up like tying my gown, fixing my hat etc etc.
I am so excited to take the photos!
It is going to be a blast!
If she doesnt come over the weekend she said she’ll call to me on Monday to do it.
I wont have therapy on Monday as Eileen has EMDR training all week next week. She is facilitating training for people who are just learning how to do EMDR.
I really have no plans for the weekend, I will spend the time just relaxing, chilling out, I’ll probably read, watch tv and listen to podcasts.
My CPN Sarah is due to phone me this afternoon, I’m glad she’s calling me, I have had a pretty anxious week, and sleeps been off also, and I’ve been feeling a little overloaded and overwhelmed, so it will be good to talk to her and get it all off my chest.
My aunt was just here too…I had ordered coffee pods for her on amazon, and she came to collect them, she stayed for half an hour and we just chatted. I’m very close to this aunt, she is only 10 years older than me. She’s moms sister. We’ve always been super close.
So thats my little update for now. I hope your all having a good day and I hope the weekend will be nice for you also.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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