Would you rather, the fashion edition!

I found this set of questions on Astrids blog, astrid blogs over at a multitude of musings, but the actual questions were set by anjoli of chasing the maximum life, check her post out below!

Here are my answers to her questions!

1. Wear the Same Outfit Every Day OR Only Be Allowed to Wear Neutrals for Life?

I like comfort, so I’d have to say wear the same outfit every day and if I was able to choose what it was I’d choose my pj’s, especially during this lockdown we’re in!
2. Be Underdressed for An Event OR Be Overdressed for An Event?
Overdressed! I love layers! I hate being in revealing clothes!

3. Have an Unlimited Supply of The Perfect White T-Shirts OR Have an Unlimited Supply of The Perfect Little Black Dresses?
White t’s. I love t-shirts! Even better if the white t’s had sayings on them!

4. Only Be Able to Wear Futuristic Clothing OR Only Be Able to Wear an Old-Timey Clothing?
Old timey clothing! It would be fun to go back in time and see what people wore way back when!

5. Have A Closet Filled Only with Prints and Bright Colours OR Have A Closet Filled Only with Black Clothes?
I would choose prints and bright colours! I love wearing bright colours!

6. Wear Leather Jackets for The Rest of Your Life OR Wear Denim Jackets for The Rest of Your Life?
Neither! I am not really a jacket wearing sort of person! I dont like leather and denim is so 80’s!

7. Wear Chanel Or Louis Vuitton?
Chanel! I love chanel perfume! So I think I’d love the clothing line also!

8. Wear Only Dresses OR Only Coordinating Suits to All Formal Events?
Dresses! I rarely wear a dress, but always wish I could! So if I had a chance to do just that, then I’m gonna jump at it!

9. Wear Heels That Are Ugly and Old but Super Comfortable OR Wear Gorgeous Heels That Everyone Loves but Torture Your Feet and Give You Blisters?
Ugly but comfy. I usually wear flat shoes, I actually am not a fan of heels at all!

10. Shop More and Pay Less OR Shop Less and Live More!
Shop less and live more! Definitely!

How about you? Any thoughts?

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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