Good morning world!

My sleep schedule is so off. I am not too bothered though. Basically I sleep when I can, if thats a few hours in the evening then thats ok, if its a couple hours at night then its ok also.
I’ve been redownloading some books I lost, thank goodness for awesome friends, who share their audio books with me. I will probably be able to replace every book I lost in the hard drive crash, I am so glad about that.
I tried to watch a little bit of tv when I wasnt sleeping, but I couldnt settle down to it. I watched a couple minutes of election coverage, and then I tried to watch an episode of unsolved mysteries, but I was restless, so made a coffee instead.
I am loving my new coffee pods, they arrived yesterday, for my coffee maker, and I’ve had some chai latte already, and some hot chocolate, I got 5 different types of pods, I got caramel latte, chai latte, hot chocolate, americana, and mochas.
I just love my coffee and so does liz! We gotta have it or we cant function!
I saw my mom yesterday, and my sister, that was nice, I barely see anyone now due to the lockdown, so its nice when they can come over for an hour or so.
I ordered my moms christmas present off of amazon. I’m getting her a printed framed saying, it says moms are like buttons, they hold everything together. I am also getting her a gift set, with shower gel and other bath stuff in it.
I also ordered my sisters present, I got her a pendant that says always my sister, forever my friend, its silver. I also got her a gift set with bath and shower products in it.
We are only doing minimal gifts this year, we set a limit of 30 euro to spend on our christmas gifts.
I already know what my moms getting me. She’s giving me audible credits for audiobooks, and she said she’ll also buy me a new top to wear.
Nitros a little restless too tonight. I had to let him out a few times during the night. He didnt do much though, I think he just gets too hot and so he likes to be outside in the cool night air.
Well, gonna go drink my coffee, adios, catch ya’ll later!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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