38 thoughts on “Carol Anne asks”

      1. I wasn’t even thinking about “the cure” as in the vaccine. I was thinking about the economic devastation world wide, and the number of suicides, abuse, depression, and so on that has killed far more people the virus itself.

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  1. In all honesty I know I am healthier than most. I am at higher risk of complications given my breast cancer, and upcoming surgery. I have many friends who say we canโ€™t live in fear. I get that, but I also put on seatbelt when I get in the car. I kind of liken it to that. There are things I can try and do to protect myself. So I will, and leave it in Godโ€™s hands. Are you?

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  2. No for a few reasons one it doesn’t like O type blood it rejects compatibility

    Two I been in me inner sanctum for over 6 months isolation is nothing new to me

    Thanks to the matrix and too much Wowie Sauce lol

    Have long road ahead but making strides

    So many need to not be bottle down by misinformation by mainstream media muppets and their ring masters.

    FYI the vaccine will kill you before the Virus does



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  3. Yes! Iโ€™m a fragile pony. Iโ€™ve got asthma which makes me one of the vulnerable ones. Iโ€™m prone to freaking out at every tiny wheeze lately. Iโ€™ve also got 4 kids so I feel obligated to live and take care of everyone else.

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