3things challenge #388

Your three things today are:



The ddog is starting to annoy me. I dont like to call him a pest, but right now thats what he is!

He’s pacing up and down, begging for food!

My dad gave him some of his stirfry, which he wolfed down!

He’s been drinking a lot of water! Now he’ll probably be wanting to go out for the rest of the evening. Something else to irritate me!

I love him but sometimes he’s a nuisance!



Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “3things challenge #388”

      1. I am so glad she’s better. That means the world to hear! That’s great stuff! Whew! One thing I have started doing besides writing is looking at google maps of a very special place to me called Portmierion, in Wales. One can actually almost do a walking tour though Google maps and when I am just worn to the bone and weary and dreading just each moment, I go there and just escape hoping to be there some day. It’s an illusion but it helps me…besides the seemingly incessant writing; that’s pouring out of me, it helps me a lot.

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  1. Aggravation:
    By Joe Inabinette

    He woke to the itching at first;
    then it became a burning, throbbing sensation…
    first between his toes then moving slowly,
    but deliberately, up his leg.
    At first he thought “I shouldn’t have taken that hike after all”;
    but then he remembered he had not only showered,
    but he had used very strong repellant–
    and taken his chlorydall for allegries before the hike.
    In Peru, it was always seemingly hot
    at the time he went on his little excusrions
    and this year had been no diffferent.
    Except for the insects…
    they had been oddly larger than usual
    and more aggressive this year he had noticed.
    “Must be the climate change”, he had told his guide of many years.
    But, in any case, he should not be having this reaction.
    It was a bother too…
    A REAL bother.
    The sensation felt like it had PURPOSE,
    like it knew where it was going…what it was seeking…
    He pulled the sheets back and his mouth fell open.
    There, attached to his leg,
    was a long, hard-scaled, winged pest
    the like of which he had never seen before..
    it shone in the reflection of the oil lamp
    like a scarab in a tomb;
    and it was FEEDING.
    It looked at him, and very quickly,
    in a perfect British accent said,
    “No offense or intent to annoy you sir..but your bed was warm
    and it’s been ever so long since I had some decent blood–I shant be long…”
    He screamed and swatted at the massive insect
    but instead of flying away or even raising itself up to block the swat,
    it said, again with a perfect British dialect
    “If you please Sir, …I’ll only be a moment I assure you;
    then you wont’ mind anything…anymore…..”
    And it’s mandibles bent upwards into a sort of..smile…
    And, as his blood became as thin as his pale lips,
    the room and his vision swam away.

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