The Monday peeve #57

Paula does a prompt each week called the monday peeve, I’ll let her explain 💖💖😍

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll pick a topic that’s on my mind, but you can vent about whatever you please, here in comments or on your own blog. Grab the photo, use the TMP tag, link back to me (or not), and Bob’s yer uncle. I do reserve the right to delete any links that offend my delicate sensibilities. So far, none have, but it could happen. I have feelings!

What am I going to vent about this week? Are you ready to rock?
Our health care! Well actually more to the point, my gp!
I rang my GP today to see if I could get a telephone consultation, I need him to prescribe me my ventolin inhaler again, as I stopped taking it for a while, but now I feel I need it again.
I went walking this morning with Nitro and coming back there was a big hill. I couldnt breathe while walking up it. I was out of breath and had to keep stopping, and I had to take 2 puffs of my PA’S inhaler.
Hence why I called my GP!
Anyway, when I rang, I was told he couldnt speak to me unless its covid related, that the soonest he could ring me would be thursday!
I mean what the damn hell type of service is that?
Its so irritating that now you cant even get in to the doctor, its bad enough now that it all has to be done through telehealth, but all I wanted was a prescription for a ventolin inhaler! It wouldnt have taken 5 mins to talk to me and then write it up!
It pisses me off to no end!
My P.A very kindly offered me her ventolin inhaler to tide me over, she said she had another one at home, I was so thankful to her!
But man its a bloody nightmare trying to get medical treatment with the whole covid thing going on!
And that, my friends is my rant of the day!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

4 thoughts on “The Monday peeve #57”

  1. I second this.

    My mother has been very poorly and in need of antibiotics, but in order to get some she needed to see her GP… who wouldn’t see her without proof of a negative covid test… which was unavailable for weeks.

    Absolute shambles of a system at the moment!

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