Today is Wednesday September 30th

And I am happy to report I slept good last night, despite thinking I wouldnt!
I didnt go to bed until 12:30, but once I settled down I went to sleep pretty quickly. I didnt wake again until my doorbell rang at 7:30, it was the postman delivering a parcel to me. I jumped out of bed, and got my parcel, and then, I made a coffee, and saw to Nitro, fed him and let him out.
I was still pretty tired, and since I had nowhere to be this morning since I wasnt seeing Dr. Barry now, I decided to go back to bed and have a bit of a rest. I did manage to go back to sleep again, and was only woken by the phone at 10:30.
It was the guide dogs, I had rang yesterday to ask when someone was coming out to fill out my paperwork to retire Nitro. The lady I spoke to this morning said that she’d see about having someone call out to me, so hopefully that will be soon. Nitro will be 10 in October, and the dogs are meant to retire at age 10 at the latest. I’m not retraining with a new dog, not for now anyway. I’m keeping Nitro, as a pet, and I’ll just use my cane for now even though I really hate using the cane, I much prefer a dog.
My mom came over at around mid day. My sister also came over. She stayed for a little while but then she had to leave, as she had to drop stuff up to my dads brother whose in a nursing home, and after that she was going to work. There are 5 cases of corona in the nursing home where dads brother is, so there are no visitors allowed in at the moment. Mom stayed here with me, she cleaned the yard, and did my dishes, and a couple other bits, threw on a wash, and set my dryer up so that tomorrow morning when my PA frances comes she can just turn on the dryer and start it, mom showed me what frances needs to do to get it going. My sister picked my mom up a few minutes ago and they’ve gone back home now.
I dont have any plans for the rest of today. I should make the most of my free time, as tomorrow I am working on friendly call. I worked yesterday as well. Right now my days for doing calls are tuesdays and thursdays. I like having a set routine, and those two days suit me.
I think I’ll do a little bit of surfing on the net, read blogs, email etc. Then later on I’ll read more of my book, and watch some tv.
I hope you all have a lovely day! Stay safe!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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