Therapy going forward

This morning eileen and me had a chat with Remy, about our therapy and about his report for our ongoing funding going forward.
He said he felt that towards healing, the organisation who currently funds our sessions, is trying to wind up our therapy by christmas, obviously we wont be doing that, but he said that he thinks that they are finishing up as an organisation, going out of business so to speak.
He said that legally even if they arent going to fund our therapy going forward, that they have a legal responsibility to us to give us a proper amount of time to end therapy, even though we arent actually ending, but to end their funding of our therapy.
He said the ethical time frame for ending therapy is that for each year you’ve been in therapy, you get a months worth of sessions. He asked us how long we’ve been in therapy overall, not just with eileen, and I told him we’ve been in therapy to some degree since we were 16 years old.
He said that the director of towards healing told him we’d had over 1600 sessions since we’d started with them, and eileen made up the figures, and for that amount of sessions we’d need at least 15 months of therapy before their funding of our therapy could end.
We arent sure if they’ll even give us that, and that is before remys recommendations for ongoing funding go in at all. He’s recommending for us to be given another 3 years of funding at least, and then to look at things again after that. But well, if they do go out of business, we may not even get the 15 months of an ending that they are legally required to give us, nevermind the 3 years remy is recommending.
It looks as though we’ve got a fight on our hands now. Remy told us to try to get an advocate, so I need to ring the cork advocacy service, for people with disabilities and try to get on their waiting list to speak to someone.
Also, Eileen is going to contact her supervisor to see what he can do for us. Also, I will need to speak with dr. Barry on Wednesday, because, if all the funding falls through, and we have no funding from towards healing, we need to see if our local health service executive can step in and fund our longterm therapy going forward.
Remys going to go away and write up his report, and then forward it to Eileen and we and Eileen can discuss it before he submits the final report to towards healing. He said he also wants to speak with Dr. Barry again as well.
Obviously hearing all this unsettled us a lot. We cried a lot. Eileen said that we have no need to worry, in her words “it’ll be ok” “everythings going to be ok”. She promised our therapy is safe, she’s still committed to our work, and we’re not ending therapy not until we’re ready.
I did say to her that it should be my choice, when we do end, not down to stupid funding or lack thereof.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

14 thoughts on “Therapy going forward”

    1. Yes, that’s it, they’re telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, if it comes down to it I guess I will have to pay myself but it can run very expensive as you well know and are well aware of so I’m trying to avoid having to do that if I can


  1. Oh wow, this comes as a total shock to us! We’re so sorry Towards Healing may be ending your funding. I wonder why they asked Remy to assess you if they’re planning on terminating anyway. This sucks! I really hope that Eileen is right and you can continue therapy for as long as you need it. Getting an advocate is really good, but I’m sorry there’s a waiting list. -Clarissa

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    1. I know. Its awful. Unfortunately though, my case is kinda unique, as not many clients are in long-term therapy for so many years, and receiving funding for that long, I’ve been in therapy with Eileen for 8 years now. X


  2. It really sucks the way things are. I have no insurance so I can’t go. Haven’t been in over 2 years. I could go to this one place it is $15 each time but i hear it is student’s. They record your sessions and the person you see is always changing. I don’t like any of that. I just keep pushing on.

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