I’ve finally decided

I’ve decided. Finally. And I’m not going back to slimming world. I am going to just do it myself, continue to be healthy, eat healthy, exercise, but not follow any sort of weight loss plan. I feel pressurised in group, pressurized to lose each week and when I dont I feel bad. If I do it myself and start slowly losing here and there over some time, I’ll feel much better about myself. I’ll also feel proud that I did it on my own, without having to stick to a rigid diet, and follow a plan. And without having to pay for the privilege of losing weight. I know I said I wanted to be accountible to someone but really its my responsibility to be accountible to myself. So I am going to try. I love my food, and I’ve figured out that I love it too much to restrict myself but I will still eat certain foods in moderation. I think I’ll have more success this way. The last few turns at slimming world I hadnt lost anything, in six weeks I think I only lost about 3 pounds, thats too little as when your sticking totally to the plans you’ll lose about 14 to 20 pounds in six weeks, if you were religiously sticking to the plan and not going off track. I own it, I wasnt sticking religiously to it. I was sometimes eating candy or letting the kids eat it, I had a few take aways, etc. And I’m not sorry that I did. I have my own weighing scales, so I can keep track of my weight at home, which I do anyway, so its not really a big deal. Right now I weigh 218 pounds, I had gotten down to 204 at my lowest, if I can lose a little bit over the next few months I’ll be happy. I also have to think my meds will cause me to gain, at least I think they do. Weight is such a huge struggle for me and has been all of my life. I will get there though, but for now it will be of my own accord, and down to the things I am doing, not because I am doing a specific diet or going to a group to try to lose it. I also have a treadmill here at home, and I just need to keep walking on it each day and hopefully that will help also.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

18 thoughts on “I’ve finally decided”

  1. Your posts keep me sane. I am so happy you post as frequently as you do. I listen to LukeNarwhal on YouTube and I think you would also benefit from hearing him read those reddit stories. It’s amazing how much better things become if you do them your way. I look forward to reading more. Weight is a struggle for most of us and you are brave by sharing your story.

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    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much, I can’t believe you think my posts keep you sane 🙂 that’s amazing, thank you thank you so much, you are so kind and I’m glad I have my blog and on my blogging buddies 🤗🌸

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  2. This is such a wise decision! I know with some of your insiders struggling so much with food, I felt in my heart that you shouldn’t be sticking to a rigid diet. Then again, I thought maybe that was my jealousy talking. However, I do believe you’ll be accountable to yourself and you’ll also be able to share here and on your E-mail lists as often as you want/need to.

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  3. As a man I really struggled to go to the sw groups with my partner but I am glad I did because I was able to educate myself just enough to be able know how to effectively manage my weight.

    Now I don’t need to rely on the groups or dreaded weigh in moments. I just tick over food wise… the big thing for me at the moment is going to be trying to introduce more excercise into my new norm of a working week

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