Today is Friday 25th September

Its been a busy day! I eventually got some sleep last night, but was up and about by 6 AM!
I immediately booked my taxi when I woke up, to take me to the local shopping centre, I was meeting my PA there at 9 AM! I had to do my weekly grocery shop!
I had no shopping list, I was going off of memory. Not a good plan as when I dont have a list I tend to buy things I normally wouldnt buy at all. However I did my best not to do that. And to be fair, I really didnt end up with anything I shouldnt have ended up with.
I got a fajita kit, as I decided to make fajitas for dinner today, well, my mom helped me, she came over in the afternoon to help me prepare them.
I had chicken fajitas for dinner, I put chicken, peppers both red and green, the fajita mix, and onion, and then I bought a jar of jalapeno peppers, as I love those, and wanted to make the fajitas hot, the hotter the better IMO!
My mom came over bless her, helped me to prepare them and then she did a couple more things around the house. I do worry so much about mom, she really isnt able to do a lot now, so what she can do for me I am very grateful for. She cleaned my yard, I tried to help her clean nitro’s pooh up, as the bending down and getting back up effects her lungs a lot now. I wasnt much help to her, but I did try to do what I could.
Mom left at around 4 PM, and after that I read for a while. I have started the new cathy glass book last night, I am going on to chapter four already, its good so far, its called a terrible secret, and is a fostering memoir.
I decided to call my friend norma at around 5:30. We had a good chat. My plan is to go over to her house tomorrow, and spend a couple of hours with her.
My house is all spick and span now, as my PA frances did a lot of housework today when we got back from doing the shopping, she does it every time she comes, but with the dog hair its something that I have to keep on top of, because, no matter how much I vacume there is still a lot of dog hair as Nitro is shedding like crazy!
The plan for the rest of this evening is to chill out in front of the tv!
I can stay up late tonight, because tomorrow is saturday, and I have no plans early in the morning. I probably will still get up early anyway. I do hope I can sleep, right now, I’m pretty sure I wont. My schedule is still very off and I’m still just getting sleep when I can!
Stay safe all!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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