Carol Anne asks

Are you happy with how your country is handling covid?


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

45 thoughts on “Carol Anne asks”

      1. Yes, there are rules, but the staff don’t really follow them. Yesterday when I had a cold already, the staff were joking about how they needed to observe how bad it was and I could just about go my way whenever I wanted. My husband was the one telling me I wasn’t to visit him because of it. Now that several other clients display cold symptoms too, we’re suddenly being isolated in our rooms and will get tested tomorrow morning.

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      1. Yes, exactly, not many cases! The neighbor country, Switzerland, has more measures in some cantons but not the one bordering on our country. In the other neighbor country, Austria, there you have to wear masks in all kinds of shops.

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    1. I try not to believe everything I hear on the news but these are his own words coming out of his own mouth in interviews that he did on TV he really gets him self into some sticky situations doesn’t he? I think he says things without thinking about the consequences

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    1. I don’t want to argue with you, you have your opinion and I have mine and we can agree to disagree about Donald Trump, no hard feelings, I mean he is your president after all I can understand why you like him everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I’m not going to say that you’re wrong

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      1. No everybody has a right to their own opinions sometimes I get tired of it being tossed in my face everywhere I look. Social media, tv shows. Twitter etc. maybe if we all could stop hating on one another for longer than a second shit could change in this freaking world

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  1. We’ve done a very poor job in the US. The problems come straight from the top, Trump has tried to make himself look good and improve his election chances, but, since he’s incompetent, he’s killed a lot of people, and will probably lose the election.

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