today is tuesday sept. 15th 2020

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me!
In the morning, my PA comes. She’ll get here at 9 AM.
I’m going to slimming world, for my weekly weigh in. I’m hoping to be down a couple pounds! I’ve got everything crossed and am very hopeful.
I think I’ll stay for group this morning. The meetings are usually informative, and I benefit from them, I get a lot of support from them so I will stay for this mornings one.
After slimming world, I need to go home and do some housework, or rather, have my PA Frances do it. I have that zoom meeting later on this afternoon with Remy, so I need my house to look clean for it.
She’ll vacume, mop the floors and do dishes, make my bed, do some dusting etc.
She is finished here at 11:30. Then I have a few hours of free time before my call with Remy. My call is at 2 PM. I hope all of that goes to plan. I was told I’d recieve a zoom invitation via email from remy close to the time we are meant to go on the call.
I am no longer nervous about the call, mainly because Liz has said she’ll help me and be out for part of it. She has said she isnt going to hold back and she’s going to say what needs saying, speak her mind, I love Liz, she’s so feisty.
The call will last for 50 minutes.
I will probably need to decompress afterwords. So I am planning on making a coffee afterwords, and sitting on my recliner to relax, my CPN sarah is phoning me at 4 PM, just to check in and to see how I am after the call. I’m very grateful to her for offering me a check in call. Eileen also has her call with Remy today, this morning at 11:30. I am glad she has her call before me. She might tell Remy that I was anxious yesterday about the call, and that some of the kids were spooked and feeling scared. I kinda hope she will tell him.
After Sarah calls I need to make dinner, by then it will be close to 5 PM. Not sure yet what I’m going to make today for dinner, but I’m leaning towards shredded chili chicken, baby potatos, and some sort of vegetable. But we’ll see.
The rest of my tuesday will be quiet. I’m sure after all of todays goings on I’ll be shattered. I think I will just chill, read, watch tv, and try to relax, I’ll probably also call my friend Norma, to chat, and I’ll also be chatting to my mom throughout the day. We normally chat a few times a day on the phone, about nothing, lol.
Stay safe everyone, have a good Tuesday whatever your getting up to!

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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