24 thoughts on “Carol Anne asks”

    1. I’m going to the beauticians to get my eyebrows and lip waxed not sure what else I’m going to do today I think I need to work in the afternoon yes I do actually I have work for a few hours in the afternoon 😜

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  1. Certainly more than I did today! I slept late and took a long nap today, and since then I’ve just hung out on the internet and had a long talk with my sister on the phone. She’s the one with the brain cancer, but today we talked more about the hurricane headed for Texas. She lives right n the edge of the predicted path, so she’ll get a lot of wind and rain. She’s inland enough that the storm surge won’t be a problem. She and her husband just got done boarding up their windows and moving all their many lawn ornaments to areas where the wind hopefully won’t blow them into the house. I’m worried the storm might track to the west of the prediction and hit them more directly, it’s hard to tell with the weather.

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      1. She was supposed to go in for her third round of chemo yesterday, but the hospital was barricaded due to the imminent hurricane. She says they are reopening tomorrow, but they don’t want her to come in until Monday. She was supposed to only have two rounds of chemo, but they decided that she needed more, which worries me.

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