Today is Monday August 24th

Had an early start this morning, woke up at 4 AM. Decided to get up as I’d had a terrible dream, my anxiety was very high, and I just wasnt able to go back to sleep. So got up, made a coffee, and sat listening to the radio while I read blogs.
Had my breakfast around 6 A,M. I had a bowl of wheetabix with blueberries on top, I’ve been super good this week about what I am eating, and I really hope it is going to pay off tomorrow at my weigh in. I really made an effort, I didnt even eat dessert yesterday, and it was cheese cake, it was so hard to resist it, but I did it, lol.
Booked my taxi to take me to therapy, left around 9:30. My session was at 10 A.M. We had a great session, it was very productive, we talked about lots of stuff.
I came home, ate lunch, and then read for an hour, before starting work, I worked on friendly call for a few hours, I’ll be working four days this week, the only day I dont work is wednesday, as I am going to see Dr. Barry on wednesday afternoon, but I will work the other four days.
I had a good work shift, all of my clients were in good spirits, they all seemed to have a nice weekend. My supervisor is off this week, but she told me last week she’s looking for some new volunteers to come on bord, so that the regulars who’ve been there since the start of covid can have a well deserved break.
I had savoury mince for dinner, I had it with rice. It was delicious, after dinner I watched some tv, and I read some more of my book.
I talked to my friend Norma on the phone, I think I might facetime my friend sarah in a little while, if she’s up for it. I rang the travel agent to ask them how long my voucher was valid for, she said 2 years, but with covid, and things not calming down, that if for some reason covid goes on for a long time, they’ll fight for the people to be given a longer time frame to use vouchers. This is good news, as I really dont know when I am going to get to go visit my friend Sarah in colorado, it could be a while before I get to go!
Also, I’ve started remembering my meds again, remembering to take them regularly, which I am happy about, I am going to be coming off the haldol and only using it as a PRN, Dr. Barry doesnt want me building up a tolerance to it, because if I need it then it may not work for me in the future.
So thats it for this update, I hope you’ve all had a lovely monday, remember, wash your hands, wear a mask, stay well and stay safe.


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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