My sunday!

Its been a quiet day for me
I got up very early, 6:45 AM to be exact.
It was hot in my room, and Nitro was restless, so I decided we’d get up, and I let him out and fed him.
I didnt do much for the morning, besides going online and checking email, doing a little blogging, and then reading my book for a little while.
I ate breakfast around 8 AM. Of course by the time it hit 10 AM I needed more coffee lol.
My sister and her family came over for sunday lunch, we had corned beef, cabbage, peas and potatos. It was scrumptious. I love corned beef, I love it the way my dad cooks it.
After dinner I had to go to lidals, I had to buy more fruit for the week ahead, I also needed milk, and coffee.
I also needed to go to the bookies and collect my winnings, I had 3 numbers up last night in the lottery, so I won 60 euro. I was so excited to win!
My sis dropped me home, and once I got home I tried to fix my tv in my bedroom, I accidentially pressed something on it and now my sky box wont work, I couldnt figure out what I did, but my apple tv works now, and on wednesday when my sister is here I’ll have her take a look at the sky box. In the meantime if I want to watch sky, I still can, as I have another box in the living room.
I’ve fed Nitro, made myself some coffee, and have been watching a show on national geographic wild called when grizzly bears attack, then I watched a crime show on the crime and investigation channel called evil up close. Now the news is on and I’m sorta watching it.
I’m going to read again in a little while, I’m on chapter 8 of taken by lisa stone and I’m really liking it. For those who want to know, Lisa stone is the penname of the author Cathy glass, her Lisa stone books are thrillers, while her books written under the name cathy glass are fostering memoirs.
Well enjoy the rest of your sunday! Stay well, and stay safe!
And for those who are caught up in the fires in california or colorado, I hope your ok, those fires are pretty bad and I imagine they are scary as well!


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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