Today is Monday August 10th

Had a good day so far today. Woke up early but didnt get much sleep at all last night, it was far too hot and I couldnt settle. I eventually fell into a deep sleep at around 3 AM and I slept on and off until around 8 AM. Woke up and ate breakfast, went on my phone on facebook for a while. Then at 10 AM I had therapy. I sorta panicked this morning, since Eileen hadnt sent me a link for our zoom session. So I texted her at 8:30. She sent it on at raound 9 AM. Then when we got on the call she told us we dont have to panic, that she’ll always send us the link, she’s not going to forget. She said she really feels our fear around it, like a fear of oh she’s not going to show up or something. Its true we were panicking. The kids were like, but there is only an hour to go! Eileen tried her best to reassure them and we went on with the session. We had a great session but more about that in a separate post. I finished at 11:30 and then I took a nap. I slept until around 2 PM. I needed it. I’ve been on the phone with my slimming world consultant, I booked the wrong time for tomorrow, so she canceled it and I had to go back in and rebook again, its easy though and I did it without a problem. Now my apt for slimming world is at 9 tomorrow instead of 10. My PA Frances is going to get a taxi up to me because she has water and fruit for me that she’ll drop off, and then we’ll get the same taxi back down to slimming world. I talked to my mom earlier today and she went with my sister to get the kids new school uniforms, she said she’d call me when she got home, so I’m not expecting to hear from her for at least another hour or two. I made chicken and baby potatos for dinner, a chicken breast, I baked it in the oven, and I did the potatos in the microwave, they turned out good although I think I left them in for a little bit too long. I’ll know better for next time. I’m going to watch tv and read I think for the rest of the evening. I feel good though, refreshed, and my mood feels ok and I am excited about tomorrow and getting back to normal with slimming world. Oh yeah eileen said we will probably go back to meeting face to face next week, all going well if the covid19 numbers dont rise again. She said we’d do a phone check in on Thursday and we can firm up our plans then. But provisionally she put it in for next week that we’d do face to face on Monday at 10 AM. Yay. I am so excited to go back to seeing her in person. Of course we have to social distance which is a pain, so she probably cant sit next to us like she normally would, but we can cope with that, as today she said her intentions are still the same, and her care for us is still there, and even though we have to stay a little bit apart that we’re still connecting. The kids seemed happy with that, although they’re like, stupid covid! Why do we have to have this stupid virus! Poor kids. They just dont really understand. But anyway am happy that we’ll possibly have face to face sessions again.

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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