Friday evening update

Today was mixed. The morning was fairly quiet. Not much was going on with me this morning.
I am at my parents house. I came here last night as I started feeling very overwhelmed. I knew I was going to struggle to get through the night, so I rang my mom. She said to come over to spend the weekend so thats what I did.
This morning mom was babysitting my sisters kids. I spent the morning chilling out and going between the kitchen and the bedroom, going between being online and chatting with my mom.
My CPN sarah was due to ring me around 2 PM. It was closer to 2:30 when she rang, but we had a good chat. She asked me if I’d gotten referred to the weekend team this week, I said I hadnt seen Dr. Barry on Wednesday due to me being sick, so I wasnt sure if a referral went in for this coming weekend. She said she’d go check and call me back. She called me back about a half hour later and told me that one hadnt gone in, so she’d gone ahead and made it and referred me to the weekend team for phone support. She said if its a thing that I need to be seen, that all I need to do is tell them and they’ll arrange a time for me to come up and be seen.
We had burgers for dinner which were lovely. I had cheese and ketchup on mine. We grilled them as its healthier. I dont like burgers fried anyway. Mom got her phone call from her gp as the buns for the burgers were toasting, and she walked out of the kitchen and forgot to turn off the toaster, so the buns burned, luckily we had other buns we were able to use.
After dinner my aunt rang. She asked mom and me if we wanted to go out, so we went out with her, we called to my other aunt, their other sister, as we had to drop off presents for my cousin. Then we went to a local shopping centre to browse around. I got some oils and I intend on defusing them in a defuser, I got lemon grass, and another scent that was summer garden, and there was one other one but I’ve forgotten the name of it. We went to starbux after browsing and I had a mocha and mom and my aunt had cappachinos. Then we decided to drive to another shopping centre, and I bought some cotton masks in there, it was 5 masks for 5 euro, so I thought that was worth it. Plus you can wash them and reuse them which I think is great.
We just got home about 20 minutes ago. I’m exhausted now but I’m very wound up so its doubtful I’ll sleep any time soon. Not exactly sure how I’m going to sleep tonight, hoping I will get at least a little sleep, I took my night meds when I got in as it was gone 9 PM. They dont put me to sleep but they do slow me down a little. If I took fenergan I’d fall asleep but I didnt bring any with me, as I think I said before I dont take that unless things are really, really bad, unless I’m in dire need, as it makes me groggy and I hate the hangover feeling it gives me the next morning.
I’d say its been a good day for me. Right now I feel content, wired, but content.


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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