Our outing to the beach yesterday turned into a bit of a road trip

So our outing yesterday to kinsale didnt go as planned. We set off around 2:30 PM. I went in my sisters car with her and the two kids. My mom went in her sisters car with her sister. We drove for about half an hour and got to kinsale around 3 PM. But OMG! When we got there it was jammed, I mean crowds and crowds of people, and so so much traffic. We couldnt find a parking space anywhere. The cars were literally lining the road, it was such a beautiful day and everyone must have had the same idea to go to the beaches. We drove on to two more beaches but it was the same thing, no parking spaces, so we couldnt stop off at them. Eventually we went back to kinsale and we did find a space in the town, so we got out of the car, and we got ice creams and ate them sitting in the park. We decided then that we would try to go to the harbour and do the boat cruise around the harbour. But wouldnt you know when we got there the last boat had just gone and so we had missed it. So we just had to turn back and go back to the park. My nephew played in the park for a while and we just all sat around in the sun, by this time it was 6 PM. In the end we just drove home and got back around 6:45, and then my sister dropped me and Nitro home. So it turned into a bit of an adventure. I sware I’ve never seen so many crowds of people at the beaches. It was actually pretty scary. I think it was partly due to people not going on foreign holidays so everyones staying in ireland and thats why all the beaches were so packed. It just wouldnt have been safe anyway to even go on the beach as the beaches werent that big and there seemed to be no social distancing happening. We’ll probably try to go next week, early in the day to get a good spot. My sisters taking a week off of work next week. So we’ll probably have a few outings then when she’s off of work for a few days.

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Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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