Omg what an idiot trump is

What the hell is wrong with donald trump? Is he really so stupid?
I’m sitting here listening to the news. Listening to him say that america has one of the lowest mortality rates for the covid19 pandemic.
What the hell! thousands have died in america.
Is he really such a moron that he really thinks this is the truth?
What kinda president is he? He’s not a good leader thats for sure!
I cannot believe the shere stupidity of his outburst!
I mean it was only the other day that I heard on our news that there were 60 thousand new cases in america!
God only knows how many deaths there have been, I know its a lot!
I’m just rolling my eyes and shaking my head and going what the hell!


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

53 thoughts on “Omg what an idiot trump is”

  1. I’m assuming you are referring to the interview President Trump had with Chris Wallace? Did you even watch the interview or are you just going by what your mainstream media is PRESENTING to you?

    It’s a real shame that most are not willing to dig deeper and ask critical questions and actually look at the math. Trump is hardly a moron. Cases may be going up YET the death rate is still going down. Numbers are being manipulated. Don’t believe everything you google or see on the “news.” Try listening to our new White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, she is amazing. And you can also get some hard facts from Candace Owens. She’s a force to be reckoned with on twitter.

    I have to say, Carol anne, it was disappointing to see you on here insulting my president…especially on my birthday. Do you see the shit-show going on over here by any chance? Within a 4 month span? Within one of the most important election years ever? Do you see the violence and crime going on in all democratic run states? Do you see the organized rioting and babies being shot because our police can’t do their jobs anymore? Trump has offered help to all theses democrat states and they REFUSED! They would rather let their citizens DIE than get help from him. What do you think about that? What does that tell you? If you wanna call someone a moron than direct it towards these democrat mayors and governors who aren’t doing shit to protect their own people. All this because an election is coming up. An election they’re still pissed about losing because Trump goes against the globalist agenda. This election will determine if we get 4 more years of a president who has done more for this country than any other president or if we become a socialist, freedom sucking, high taxed SHIT HOLE. These mandated masks are only the beginning…a warm up.

    And by the way, since Trump took office not only has the economy never been better, more jobs have been created than ever before, more people have been able to get out of the welfare system and have a sense of pride once again because they can work and provide for themselves and their families, there haven’t been any new wars because he actually DOES know how to lead, AND there have been more child sex trafficking arrests than EVER before…all under his administration. While democrat run states never improve Trump is actually holding round table meetings with black and Hispanic leaders…signing executive orders to get the ball rolling on improving their impoverished communities. But the lame-stream media will never tell you that because they are bought and paid for. If the far left hadn’t been attacking him the whole way just imagine what more he could do…if only they’d let this duly elected president do his job.

    So, yeah, I CAN’T WAIT TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP AGAIN. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a nice motorcycle ride with my hubby in my ‘LIVE FREE OR DIE’ state of New Hampshire and then a nice birthday dinner.

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    1. Hi, sorry you felt insulted, I only know what my own news is presenting so I haven’t read all the facts it’s true. Happy birthday by the way. I hope you have an amazing time with your husband and an amazing birthday meal and bike ride. I just don’t like Trump at all from what I hear of him on our local news. I find him to be very full of himself and very arrogant. And he does say a lot of really stupid things. But I take your point. Again I’m sorry if I insulted you

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      1. This is why I love you, Carol anne. You are so incredibly sweet. Apology accepted, of course. I can see why you wouldn’t like him considering what is shown to us on TV. And yes, he’s always been known for being a bit of a narcissist. But he is also a no nonsense kind of guy and he has a very thick skin which, in my opinion, is necessary for such a job as the presidency. I met him back in 2015 before he was surrounded by security and I can tell you he is one of the most personable people I have ever met. He truly does care for his country and its citizens. He didn’t have to run for president. He gave up a lot to do so and he doesn’t even keep his salary. He donates it every quarter! And yes, I do find myself shaking my head every so often because of his mouth, but, again, he’s still doing a great job in my opinion. Thanks for the birthday wishes and no worries, my dear! I think i just needed to unload because I’ve kept quiet on this for so long.

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      2. No problem, I didn’t mind you are unloading like you did, it’s fine. I’m glad he is personable or he was when you met him. Like I said just in my post just now I don’t know a lot about US politics or about what he’s done for the US or hasn’t done so I can’t really comment on that and I don’t think I should. I’m glad you’re having a great birthday. What are you going to have for dinner?

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    2. I’m with Mindy on this! How good to see someone who’s not biased like most people! 😊
      I’m not claiming I have any clear idea about US politics, but it’s strange that even people in America can’t see all the manipulation going on in their own country, especially now before the election.

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    3. I agree. People want to spout their opinions and be loud about it, but most won’t even bother to look at the data. If you are so passionate about an issue, wouldn’t you take the time to be informed about it? What Trump said was absolutely true. America has one of the lowest morbidity/mortality rates for coronavirus in the world. The fact that people get angry and try to deny the facts about this virus is very scary.

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  2. Not sure! I do love a good meatloaf but not sure if it’s on the menu at the restaurant we’re going to. It’s called ‘Camp’ and the inside is decorated all rugged like a summer camp. It’s pretty cool! It’s a good night for a ride, too. Very hot today in New England! I love to ride. We both have bikes. More fun to ride my own!

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  3. Oh no! …I see you posted an apology! You didn’t have to do that. I’m sure plenty of people will now comment and tell you how much they hate him, too. But that’s fine. I’m used to it. Please don’t feel bad.


      1. That’s because you have a good heart! I’m the same way. I feel terrible if I know I’ve upset someone and I tend to beat myself up over it by dwelling on it for way too long. Maybe that makes us people pleasers? It’s not typical of me to go on a rant like I did in response to your post. So I’m sorry, too, for making you feel bad. That wasn’t my intention. I think I just wanted not only you, but others to understand how news and information are manipulated. They never share all the good he’s done since taking office which shows how biased the media is. And beware of so called tell-all books, too! Especially during an election cycle. Donald Trump is not perfect. He definitely has flaws. But we didn’t vote for him because we thought he was a moral compass or brilliant public speaker. We desperately wanted change in this country because of dangerous democrat policies. He has kept every promise he made on the campaign trail. Not every one has been accomplished because of push back from the other side but he has tried. No politician has EVER done that before! He’s actually doing a great job considering, so ‘liking’ him as a person is irrelevant. He gets shit done. But there I go ranting again! Carol anne, I hate that I made you feel bad. I’m so, so sorry. I hope you can forgive me.

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      2. It’s great that we are so good friends that we can resolve our differences without tearing each other down isn’t it? Thank you for apologising to me as well I accept your apology okay? Love to you Mindi XOXO

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    1. I recently saw a book written by his uncle telling the story of their childhood Trump and his brothers and sisters and the family they grew up in I’m going to read it soon I think it’ll be an interesting read

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  4. Everybody has the right to their own opinion. What I can say is that what you hear on the news I am sure is twisted around like it is here in the United States news media. Sure the numbers appear to be very high that’s because we are testing more than anyone. The numbers are all being manipulated so you can’t even trust what you even see on the news. Fact is the death rate is lower than it’s been due to Covid and that is what he is referring to. Not everyone hates our president as a matter of fact I like him. He has done more to help our country in four years than most.

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    1. Do you by any chance know the exact death rates from COVID-19? In the US I mean? Over here in Ireland we’ve only had 1753 debts but we have 25,700 cases in total so not much but then we are a small country


      1. No because that’s another thing our numbers are on manipulated on that too. For example I could test positive for Covid today and be fine no symptoms not sick at all, walk out and get hit by a bus. That is put down as a Covid death. The overall death rate tied to it is way lower than it was though. I’d give you numbers if I could but they are not accurate at all

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      2. Can’t give accurate numbers when they tie deaths to Covid like I listed in my example. We have even had cases here in my state where people went to get tested to see if they had Covid and they never did, the wait was too long. Hours later they got phone calls that they all were positive. They were never even tested! That’s how screwed up it is around you can’t trust anyone

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  5. I think he meant that the USA has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, morbidity/mortality rates in the world. And that is just simply the facts. Right now, I believe the morbidity rate for those who have coronavirus is somewhere around 0.2-0.4%.


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