If I’ve offended anyone..then I am sorry

Seems I may have offended some with my comments about trump.
If I have, then I am sorry.
I’m going on what I heard on my local news here, which does show parts, but not all, of trumps speeches.
Still I stand by my comment that he does say some very stupid stuff.
Eye rolling what the hell why did you say that kinda stuff.
I wont pretend to know much about politics, politics doesnt really interest me.
So I know nothing about any US politicians and or the election thats coming up in November.
I do not like trump, I wont lie, I think he’s very arogant and full of himself.
Whether or not he’s doing good things for the USA, I just dont know.
But again, if I’ve offended anyone with my assumptions and comments, then please accept my apologies.

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Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

34 thoughts on “If I’ve offended anyone..then I am sorry”

  1. passion runs high for those both for and against trump. I’m not surprised you may have offended some people. No worries. Happens in the US all the time. Just another day.

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  2. You are entitled to your own opinions, but just know that the media is very heavily biased AGAINST President TRUMP, so you are not getting the full story. The media will ONLY talk about the negative, and they NEVER highlight any of the positives, plus they lie and make stuff up. We watch both the “Liberal” and the “Conservative” news channels,. and the stories are completely different.

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    1. That makes sense, I should’ve thought of that, that the media does lie a lot. Politics is so much different over here. It’s still hard to follow but not as hard as US politics is to follow

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      1. Here it is sickening. We went to a Pro Police rally yesterday, that turned into an ugly, violent riot because of ANTIFA and BLM. The local news barely covered it, and only said “that it was a mostly peaceful protest”. i was there. they were burning flags, spitting in people’s faces, pushing people down the stairs, attempting to throw people over the balcony and pummeled an undercover police office. there was NOTHING peaceful about it at all. I took about 100 pictures to prove it.

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  3. Carol Anne, this is your blog and you have the right to say whatever you want on it, and that includes your thoughts on Trump, given that many of his actions effect the world at large. I’ll be honest and say while I agree with Jeanne in that you need to be careful about everything coming from the media these days, in my opinion, most of the negative stuff you here is true. Judge him by what he says and does.

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    1. I know this is my blog and I can say what I wanted but I hate offending people, it’s not in my nature to be offensive to people unless they provoke me and even then I don’t really like confrontation or being angry, no ask our alter Liz and she’ll say different but well for me I feel bad when it happens

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      1. I understand. I feel the same way. Although my political posts have received very little blowback, there has been a few instances of nastiness. The way I see it though, is that I hate what Trump has done to my country and I will not be silent about it. If anyone disagrees they’re invited to engage in a civil debate. Otherwise, I ignore them.

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  4. He is doing very great things here actually it’s just they media doesn’t want to show that anywhere. Sure he say some stupid things, don’t we all? I know I’m not perfect

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  5. I read through this post and the comments and the other post and the comments Carol Anne. I am politically neutral myself, because I work with international agencies that are very careful not to give their support to any political party/government, but at the same time cooperating with laws and taxes etc.

    I have friends who have assignments in countries where the government in power limit their freedoms in many ways we are not used to here in the west. If they were to speak out against those governments there would be repercussions.

    I also had family who lived in an African land where the leader in power was reported to have been involved in what most people would consider very serious crimes (making money out of illegal smuggling and bloodshed). But within that land, many people adored that particular ruler and apparently conditions under his watch were better than they had been before.

    I think some of the readers made some interesting points about the media. There will probably be a lot more on the news leading up to the American election, and it will probably become more of a volatile subject. I imagine that speaking about American politics (especially for those of who do not live in the USA) is like walking into a minefield!

    There will be a lot of propaganda, a lot of strong feelings, a lot of verbal abuse, and a lot of accusations, blaming and shaming. I think perhaps this year it may be more inflamed than ever because 2020 has brought so much stress and anxiety to many. There has also been so much rage because of the appalling injustices that have been witnessed. Some of that rage has led to very frightening scenes.

    I personally do not believe that any human government can successfully care for people animals, the environment in a way that all can thrive. For so long, some people have prospered, and others struggled, and that is for lots of reasons. Humans have injured each other. But I will continue to pay my taxes and respectfully obey the laws that a government ask, as they provide an element of stability while they are permitted.

    I keep my eyes focused on a clean earth, a healthy happy human family who care for the beautiful creatures we share our home with. If you keep focused on all the anger and all the arguing it may make you more and more anxious and rob you of joy in life.

    We want you to be joyful Carol Anne! ❤

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