Today is July 18th

I Got out of the house today and spent time with my friend Norma. Spent 3 hours with her. It was so nice. We just hung out, we drank non alcoholic cider, it was sweet, its called copperberg, it tasted fruity, it was really nice.

It did me good to get out. And I think I’ll be going out tomorrow too. We might be going to kinsale again, my sister wants to go, so mom said we could go with her.

So it means I’ll stay in my parents house until monday, which will be cool. I’ll be going home on Monday, but first thing Monday morning I am going to call my supervisor from friendly call, and I am going to ask her if I can go down to working 2 days a week for now. I’ll just tell her I am not able to do the 5 days, I dont have to give a reason, since I am a volunteer, I’m sure it’ll be ok to go down to 2 days until I am well enough to go back to doing 4 or 5.

I’ve also blocked that friend of mine who was texting and calling me from the psych ward, I will unblock her again when things get a little better for her, but for now, she cant contact me.

I am still very down, but I’m trying so hard. I’ve managed to shower today, and the plan is to shower tomorrow morning also. The weekend team checked in with me today, I went up to the hospital to see them, I spoke with a lovely nurse called Eileen, just like my therapist, and she was absolutely amazing, she was so kind, compassionate, and understanding. I really felt able to open up to her which was nice.

She said I dont have to come up there tomorrow, I asked her if I can just do a phone check in, since going up there is hard for me and it costs me the price of a taxi to get up there.

So the plan is to have a phone check in tomorrow, have dinner with my family, and then go to kinsale in the afternoon, so that will hopefully keep my mood up. I am excited to go back to Kinsale and take more photos, and enjoy an ice cream, and sit in the park in the sunshine as tomorrows meant to be very sunny here.
I just took my night meds. I took them early tonight. I wanted to see if taking them earlier is helpful later on in the night when my anxiety seems to spike.
Have a good evening everyone, stay safe…

Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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