Today is…tuesday July 14th

Its been an odd day. I was busy, but part of my day was spent being super anxious. Not sure what brought it on. But I worked today, I am back at work now after 2 weeks of a break, its so good to be back. In the morning my PA came, we walked Nitro, pics coming later on! We also did a lot of housework! After my PA left I made lunch, I made sweet potato fries and fish cakes, the fish cakes dont really taste fishy, they have potato in them with some fish flavouring in it but they are actually very nice. After lunch was when my anxiety hit and I got super agitated and very overwhelmed. I decided to blog about it and thanks for all of the kind comments on the post. I truly appreciate you all. Your all amazing and I am so grateful to know so many wonderful people from all over the globe! I called my friend Norma and we talked for a while, and she asked me to come over. So I decided to go over there for a few hours this evening. I spent about 2 hours with her and it was so nice to just hang out. I calmed right down, I also read for a while before I went out to visit norma and reading also calmed me down a lot. I got home just after 7 PM. I’ve been watching tv and blogging and reading blog posts since then. I called my mom for a chat and to remind her that she needs to post a letter for me tomorrow, and I also reminded her to bring my PA france’s birthday presents when she comes over tomorrow. I want to give frances her presents on thursday when she’s here. I got her a defuser, some chocolates, a gift voucher to a clothing store, and a buddha which you can put a t light in. I know she’ll love them all. And she’s so appreciative of anything I give her. I also plan on posting a nice facebook post up for her birthday which isnt until saturday. So now that its gone 10 PM I’d better go take my meds. Hope you’ve all enjoyed your tuesday. Be safe, stay well!


Author: Carol anne

I am 40 years young. I'm blind and I have dissociative identity disorder, I also have complex PTSD. I blog about my life with these disorders. I live in Ireland.

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